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Sunday, May 17, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Orange Marmalade First Impression

Orange Marmalade-p1.jpg

I have already written in another post about my fascination to vampire movies/series so Orange Marmalade pilot episode certainly will never be missed.

For first impression, I think the long trailers already released days before the airing date showed what I should expect and the growing anticipation is satisfied. I like that the vampire characters are following what is normal to them and the writer [I read that this is from a webtoon] is not making a new kind of vampires, like in Blood which recently ended in the same network. 

Vampire theme series or movie has always lured viewers because of it's dark charisma that usually heightened the senses of the characters that transcends beyond the screens. In a story where romance pulls star crossed lovers, coveting what should not or who they should not be with is temptation that teases the viewer's senses. And this kind of elements, I found in the first scenes of Orange Marmalade already. It promises a love story that is irresistible beyond control.

I love the concept of the story where both vampires and humans co exist and both knew about it. Vampires are not uncommon to society but of course they have to live anonymously to have a peaceful living. Although they are not a myth but existing, people are still cautious and scared around them. The VCS [Vampire Control System] is a group that oversee the actions of all the vampires in the human world. Their actions are monitored and they will have to answer to VCS if they are found guilty of doing harm to humans. Of course, light will always be vampire's enemy but because of VCS, they are being supplied with Sun Protection Ample to be able to resist the burning that comes from the sun. To sum up, vampires can live harmoniously with humans as long as they act according to the rules of the VCS but to defy will bring difficulty to them. The main food will always be blood. For two episodes, I think I haven't found out what type of blood they are drinking. They drink from packs labelled as tomato juice and they are drinking it discreetly.

Baek Ma Ri

The new transfer student. Seems that she transferred from one school to another. She tries so hard to mingle, to go unnoticed, to act human but trying only makes her the odd one which basically attracts students to notice her and pick on her. Because of her nature, she is quiet and aloof. Maybe because she is afraid of being found out. The twist is that she met a student that makes her crave human blood because of his unique sweet scent that teases her senses, making her want to bite and suck to her heart's desire. 

Jung Jae Min

The troubled young man yet very popular among female students in the campus. First time he met Baek Ma Ri and his senses and attention was captured. There was invisible connection that binds them the moment they met. He was the student that has a sweet scent.

Bound by invisible connection...

Even in their dreams they dreamed of each other.  Sexy, anticipating, heightened desires, both Ma Ri and Jae Min experience new kinds of dreams that connects them. It's refreshing that a k-drama for young adults are ready to tackle the story in this light. It's not only about cravings after human blood but the romantic part is about cravings searching for fulfillment... dreams, love, heart and soul desires.

Han Shi Hoo

I seldom fell for a second lead but oh boy, Han Shi Hoo is very, very charismatic. Maybe it is his bad by image, besides being a vampire that appeals to me. Early part of the series and I am already in a dilemma. Shi Hoo is so right for Ma Ri because they are one and the same and the chemistry is also awesome. I like that Shi Hoo is a bit rebellious but hope not too dangerous as a vampire. He basically made the drama more interesting with his character.


Will Shi Hoo and Jae Min fight for Ma Ri's love? Although she looks good to be with Shi Hoo's company, the intense atmosphere she shares with Jae Min is addictive to the viewers taste. There is comfort when Ma Ri is with Shi Hoo but the dangers that surrounds her and Jae Min looks more captivating.

Jo A Ra

The third wheel. The villain? She should be annoying for the things she already did to Ma Ri but I am still giving her some justifications regarding her petty jealousy towards Ma Ri. It's not uncommon to teenagers to feel threatened by a new girl in class. Her friendship with Jae Min feels going to be jeopardized with Ma Ri's appearance. Her romantic notions for Jae Min feels like it will never be reciprocated.


It is interesting to note that the teacher Han Yoon Jae is a vampire [of course not exposed to others] and married to Jae Min's mother which led to mother/son rift.

Ma Ri's family is entertaining. Her father is funny and looks like a loving father.

Certainly, the first two episodes really got my attention and that the pace is good. I like how the narration is being inserted to give more life to the story and for a better understanding of the emotions being evoked in the characters played by Baek Ma Ri and Jung Jae Min. Now I find myself craving for more after episode 2 ended. It felt not enough. To wait another week for the continuation is going to increase the anticipation.

and there is nothing I can do about it...

writing my thoughts


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