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Saturday, May 23, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Sensory Couple Final Thoughts

For 16 episodes, viewers were treated to a good drama with lots of heart pounding scenes and at the same time lots of aegyo moments between our special and unique couple.

First will write some highlights leading to the final ending of our jjang villain that gave us the creepiest moments, Chef Kwon. For a villain, he is awesome. Scary and smart and until the end very cunning. But of course, he had to meet his bad fate in order to end the story.

Episode 19

And we thought that it was the end for Chef Kwon being caught red handed in the scene of the crime where Yeom Mi was lying unconscious. For that intense moment, Moo Gak was not able to stop himself from shooting him because he continuously provoked him by saying his sister's name. Outside police officers were already waiting. The books Chef Kwon collected from victims that wrote their autobiography for him were discovered. I think they were what make Chef Kwon justify his killings and what feeds his psychotic nature. 

Yeom Mi recovered quickly. Chef Kwon was remaining silent even inside the interrogation room. He would not answer any questions. Moo Gak tried a trick that would make Chef Kwon end his silence. Moo Gak burned books that looks like the writings of his victims. That made Chef Kwon panic begging not to burn them and that he will answer everything.  After the interrogation, he was turned to the prosecutors and from there they would be the one handling the case.

Case closed! Or so they thought! He and some police escorts riding a police car were soon in the news. Apparently the car due to traffic accident went down the water. The search began but a few days later, only 2 officers were found. The remaining 2 and Chef Kwon were presumed dead because they were not found out even the bodies.

It was not the end everyone wanted for Chef Kwon. It was too simple to pay for all his sins. I don't know but this was something that should give everyone chills or nagging thoughts that somehow the case is not closed.

Episode 20

Bride and groom are ready for their wedding day. Every one gathered in the place where the wedding will take place. The troupe, the police and some more friends are all excited. Moo Gak is waiting for his bride to walk in. 

Yes, everyone's fears turned right. Chef Kwon appeared to kidnapped Cho Rim. He would settle the score with Moo Gak that day. It was Moo Gak he wanted. Cho Rim was juts the bait. But of course, once his plan goes well, he will kill Cho Rim. He hid her in the store where the same interior of their new house came from. Chef Kwon asked Moo Gak not to involved the police and go to Cho Rim's old house and wait for further instructions. Moo Gak felt every second was helpless and hopeless.

While Moo Gak tried to follow the instructions, Yeom Mi knew what he was up to. Cho Rim for once used her head when she was transferred into an ambulance to another van. A home made bomd was inside and it was for Moo Gak. As Chef Kwon was getting inside the van in the front, she scratched her ring on the bomb box then threw the ring outside, unnoticed.

That ring was found by Moo Gak at the place where the ambulance was tracked. The ring was turned into forensic team and that was when the team found out about the home made bomb.

Chef Kwon thought he placed the bomb safely inside the couple's new house and that Moo Gak will died once he step inside. The clinch, Yeom Mi had informed Moo Gak ahead of time about the bomb just as Moo Gak had noticed that the background where Cho Rim was in the video was not their actual home. So bomb expert went to the their house, blasted a fake bomb while Chef Kwon looked at the other building thinking Moo Gak died.

The fight happened at the rooftop of the building. It was another treacherous move by Chef Kwon, begging Moo Gak to spare his life. But he grabbed a handful of sand [yes, there were in the rooftop] and threw it on Moo Gak. The the steel bar Moo Gak had let go was now in Chef Kwon's hands, hitting Moo Gak. The fight continues. Moo Gak found himself being pushed by the bar towards the edge of the rooftop. By some miracle and maybe because of sheer power to survive, Moo Gak was able to turn around making Chef Kwon outbalance himself as he found himself the one on the edge of the rooftop, toppling over and onto the ground below, meeting his death.

Case Closed! For sure!

and the happy ending begins for our couple...

Episode 19

One of the best scenes were the imaginations of Moo Gak on how to propose to Cho Rim. They were all funny moments. 

He prepared balloons inside the trunk of his car with a huge banner asking "Will you marry me?" The funny part though, as he left Cho Rim inside the cafe, he imagined the moment outside and the cute outcome, but the reality was that an accident happened when a car bumped into the car making the hood trunk opened as balloons flew up high. A good thing Cho Rim was not looking. But then, scratching this proposal scene, he proceeded to next one.

Walking at the park where a fountain was, he thought of making a public proposal with people feeling the romance. He urged her to walk by the fountain, only to be beaten by another couple having the same proposal scene. The irony, the girl was not amused or happy about it just as Cho Rim told Moo Gak how she dislike those kind of proposals.

Then another scenario he thought of. Burying the ring on the sand at some place at the park while pretending to have his shoelace untied, Of course, it was also a failed proposal. When the actual scene happened, he could not find the ring. 

By the time I was writing this part I was actually giggling non stop. My gosh, this scene was really funny seeing Moo Gak like hen scratching the sand. LOL!!!! My 2 nieces who were sitting by my side looked at me as if I lost it already! Yup, my head!

Anyway to continue, although many attempts were done but the best proposal ever in K-dramaland and unique for that matter was done in this drama. With a perfume in his hand, Moo Gak ran away from Cho Rim and went to a bridge at the park and writing in the air against the dark skyline, scents coming from the perfume revealed the words Will You Marry Me?

The best proposal and the sweetest. And more as the wedding preparations continue. Wearing a beautiful head band she was a bride Moo Gak ever wanted. Of course, it was soured by the kidnapping. But hey, that was finished.

Episode 20

The funny part of the romance continue. The couple moved in in their new house. Together they furnish and arranged everything. He was very obedient of his wife as she instruct him what to do. There were hugging, kissing, more hugging, more aegyo moments. But the honeymoon keeps on being postponed.

The police team has another case and they need Cho Rim's help. Moo Gak who was very excited to wash, naughty thoughts filling his mind, after washing found the place empty, his wife gone. The downside of having the ability to see scents is lending help to the department to solve the case immediately. Moo Gak also went to interrogate suspects.

To cut the story short, the case was solved, thanks to the sensory couple. Oopppsss, did I forget to mention that Moo Gak has gotten back his senses? Yes, after Chef Kwon case he felt better.

The honeymoon and going to Thailand was shelved. Moo Gak is sulking. Cute! Next day they rode a bicycle with lots of balloons attached at the back. Cho Rim sat on the back arms around her husband. They rode around, teasing each other.

The final scene was worthy of appreciation. Sitting side by side at a bench, the sweetest and romantic couple continue to express their love for each other. The giggles of Cho Rim are adorable. Moo Gak is a husband contented.

Guess the story will continue on their own. But call of duty from the police team will always make them respond. After all, they thrive on solving cases and helping the team.

The ending of Sensory Couple is awesome. I as a viewer is satisfied. Nothing to ask for, although I wish there will be more next week. It was a fun ride watching the drama unfolds each week. The mystery, the intriguing and scary villain, the perfectly matched couple, the team, all are what made the drama interesting.

Goodbye Moo Gak and Cho Rim. Finally, Shin Se Kyung got a role that fitted her so much. Park Yoo Chun has shown a lot of aegyo here. He is becoming comfortable as an actor. Nam Goong Min is the best villain. The three police are ,like the three musketeers or the three stooges. 

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