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Monday, May 18, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Producer First Impression

The Producers-p1.jpg

Did I enjoy the first 2 episodes?

Honestly, yes. This type of concept is not unfamiliar or new to me. Because this story revolves around the "behind the scenes" of variety program, the style is like documentary which is just apt for the drama.

First thoughts seeing the character of Kim Soo Hyun as Baek Seung Chan  reminded me of his role in Dream High. I love him in any role but I think this kind suits him not because he looks like dumb but he really can express the character well without even trying too hard. Every little expressions Seung Chan wears or reveals, even those scenes where he looks space out are awesome.

A rookie in the variety program, Baek Seung Chan is finding it hard to express his thoughts. I love that he seems clueless or that he has no sense of humor when actually he shows it through scenes. I laugh with his scenes with PD Tak Ye Jin and when he slung a garbage bag on the side mirror of PD Ra Joon Mo out of jealousy. I am looking forward to more of his awkward moments in the drama and how his character will develop as he learns the ins and outs of the variety program.

For now, he has been the target and the shock absorber of both Ye Jin and Joon Mo. 

Ye Jin unintentionally scratch Seung Chan's car and the repair amount is too high for her, using her seniority [sunbae] to attack him professionally to scare him, maybe enough to make him lower the amount. Since he is new in the company, still learning, he had done minor mistakes like taking sides of Cindy [a difficult artist] when Ye Jin was trying to reason with her, even begging to change her outfit for the music program.

With Ra Joon Mo, he found out that the reason he went to KBS and into variety program, who is  his sunbae in school and his crush [Jo Yoon Hee] PD Shin Hye Joo is dating him. It felt like his dreams were crushed a little, resulting to petty jealousy. When he was assigned to the team of Joon Mo which is 1 Night 2 Days, he has no idea that the show is having troubles and that it might get chucked. His first assignment was to relay the news to one of the oldest actress in the show but he could not get the message clearly because of fear and awkwardness. He thought the actress understood what he was trying to tell.

For these mistakes, he was being scolded and he just received them all. He looks pitiful, he felt useless, unsure and lost at what he should do. 

Tak Ye Jin is one of the PD's in the company that is popular when it comes to her temper. She is not one to back out. Joon Mo is currently troubled because of his program and seeing that his staff and writers are getting emotional makes it even hard for him to deal with the situation. He also has to end the relationship he has with PD Hye Joo because he can not afford to be serious in any love relationship for now.

Ye Jin and Joon Mo's friendship go back to their younger days. Her family used to own the apartment that he uses now but by some unfortunate circumstances, his family was able to buy the apartment and now he owned it. The irony of the situation now, Ye Jin used his drunkenness one time to let her move into his place because she has nowhere to go. It has been months now and she is still staying in the house which looks like she is the owner. Yes, Joon Mo is typically a push over type, someone who is so nice he can not say things he wants to say to other people because it may hurt them. While Ye Jin looks like a woman who definitely has strong character and that it will take a strong man to make her submissive.

The 2 episodes showed what it is really like in the entertainment business. How artist are being used by agencies, how they are being treated which resulted to them being a brat sometimes. Maybe because it is the only way they can rebel which resulted to misunderstanding. It is also a reality that even though these people works in the most sophisticated and glamorous world, at the end of the day, they are just normal people, with money problems and the hard part, overlooked by people and artists which they worked with to make them popular.

It's like this phrase, All that glitters is not gold. Entertainment world is full of glitters and sparkles but not everything it represents is  beautiful. Behind the glamour, there are people who are sweating it out but not being recognized. And this is the story of this drama.

enjoying the first week of Producer


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