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Thursday, May 21, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Warm and Cozy First Review

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Now I realize that it takes a while or to be precise, at least 3 episodes for me to be able to appreciate the drama Hong sisters write. Warm and Cozy is the third drama under Hong sisters that I am watching and like the previous dramas [ Master's Sun and Greatest Love] it took me sometime before the story grew on me. 

I did not share my initial reactions after watching the 2 episodes last week because although I had anticipated this drama I could not feel the  connection or the expected chemistry between Kang So Ra and Yoo Yeon Seok after watching. As if all background details were thrown at once, there's a kind of rush in developing the character's association and although there were funny moments, still I never felt entertained.

Well, some dramas are like that for me. First impressions can not be relied on because after some time, it's either the drama will grow on me or that it won't, making me drop them like a hot potato. 

Well, episode 3 did it for me. I don't know how or why but suddenly, I felt the signature writings of the Hong sisters that somehow I got familiar with already. I could not really point out the exact scenes but episode 3 is good and fun. Out of nowhere, the chemistry that has been absent [well for me] is now present and finding myself grinning and feeling the romance, even the sad thoughts of misunderstanding a certain situation that Lee Jung Joo felt towards Baek Geun Woo.

So for a short recap... and some more thoughts

On her 19th birthday, Jung Joo appeared out of nowhere in Jeju in time for Geun Woo's birthday whom she thought was her twin. She was ready to tell her story to Geun Woo's mother when he saw her and got her away from his mother. From there, they met but before the hour passed, Jung Joo learned that the photo she had with her and her only evidence, was not exactly as she thought. His mother saw the photo as she and Geun Woo were hiding behind a door and heard her say to Geun Woo's sister that she does not care or know the man in the photo.

Years passed and their paths crossed again. According to the story, Geun Woo learned about his father on that day Jung Joo appeared in his life. But the intriguing part was that the same photo she brought that day was apparently his father? Something about Geun Woo learning of his true father, with his mother holding the same photo. Now, if I understood correctly, something is still not yet revealed about the real relationship between Geun Woo and Jung Joo if that same man in the photo is her father.

Well, for now enough of that. Maybe it was a tricky scene between Geun Woo and his mother. Now, both knew they are not twins, least of all siblings according to their history on that day at Jeju. Geun Woo is still the happy-go-lucky wealthy son and Jung Joo unfortunately is still striving hard every day. The bad fate is that she lost her job at the same time she was conned by her friend. Seeing the scenes when her friend and his girlfriend fooled her into buying a property she thought was in good shape was reminiscent of Full House scene when Song Hye Kyo's character was also fooled by her friends leaving her penniless.

On top of being jobless and with a new acquired ruin or decaying property, her boyfriend that she thought was overseas was actually in Jeju enjoying a honeymoon with his new wife. Everything is not going well for her, falling apart, to be precise. The funny part, Geun Woo who met her and treated her like long lost friend thought she will soon die just because of the medicine bottle [brand was strong pain reliever only used by patients with terminal case] she left on his car which actually contained some mints she often take to relive stress.  He became more thoughtful and caring towards her.

The town people in Jeju are not easily pleased with people coming from inland. Geun Woo who has been living there for a year now has not won the smiles of the ahjummas and when she was associated with him, they too look at her the same way as him. The mayor of the town is always on patrol and unknown to Jung Joo, he used to be a model for a brand in the lingerie company she worked before she was sacked.

Now the little connections between the characters are being laid out and somehow it  is getting cute and fun at the same time. Then there was Geun Woo's hyung, the hotelier who announced that he already quit smoking but always carry a cigarette and a match, hiding from everyone to have a last smoke, or so he keeps on saying to himself. 

I actually laughed when he suddenly fell into the waters/river [whatever] trying to find the right spot to light his cigar. In his semi conscious thoughts, he saw a mermaid swimming towards him only to open his eyes to the reality that an ahjumma swimmer actually saved him. The irony of the situation, she thought he was trying to end his life and never really realized he is a rich businessman. She even gave him bus fare which made him indignant. She left him not even interested to meet him again.

I see that there will be 2 OTP in this story.

And I find myself smiling while being entertained by the episode. See? I thought so. I have to wait for the right episode when the story will grow on me. And clearly, Hong sisters got me and my taste once again.

Waiting to watch episode 4. The twist is getting interesting as Geun Woo keeps on holding on to his first love. And to add some more thoughts, I am loving every bit of background music [bgm] coming from various dramas the Hong sisters wrote. The ost that has become familiar to our ears from previous dramas are kind of funny when used in some scenes in Warm and Cozy. For that, I am really indulging in some laughing moments while watching.

Screen caps will be updated in my next post.

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