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Saturday, May 23, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Producer Episode 3 Review

There are lots of surprising guest in the episode but seeing Jang Hyuk even for a short while only is the best cameo ever. I was not anticipating, nor have I read about his cameo but seeing him there on the screen, after the episode ended was really epic for me.

Lol! And he was supposed to be Tak Ye Jin's ex-boyfriend! Chincha?! 

The drama keeps on making me laugh at almost every scene. The irony of the situations are really funny. The mockery about the behind the scenes and the hard ways of working inside entertainment business are giving us insights as well as entertaining us at how everything works for them. 

What makes the story interesting is the character of Baek Seung Chan and his naivety. Maybe it can also be called ignorance or innocence on his part being a rookie but seriously, how the writer of this drama creates his actions are fun to watch. I should be finding his actions and reactions to a situation  predictable and cute at the same time, still, the scenarios where he is in, makes it more funny for viewers like me.

Like this imaginary/dream sequence he had which I thought was real, caused me laughing so hard. Because of his misunderstanding about the real relationship between PD Tak Ye Jin and PD Ra Joon Mo going to the same place, he thought that they are having an affair in the midst his [Joon Mo] relationship with Hye Joo. He dreamed of talking about it in a variety show and the two culprits were present.

This silliness of the story is refreshing for me because it brings pure entertainment that is unexpected.  How naive and foolish Seung Chan can get in the story is something to anticipate. The way he acts on his feelings is childish but how can he stop from doing it when it is the only way to get his small revenge on these sunbaes that he thought were fooling around with each other.

I am beginning to understand the situation between Ye Jin and Joon Mo. There is something more between them but they have no yet discovered it themselves. Yes, the friendship is a disguise of a deeper feelings but sadly, Ye Jin is the only one nourishing the feelings inside her.

Because they see each other as friends, they are not even entertaining thoughts beyond their actions that are obvious. Like Ye Jin pestering him year after year about going and walking under cherry blossom trees. It should not be normal because that is what couples do who love romance, but she only asks him to do it with her.

It is sad that she is not in a relationship now but waiting for someone although she has no idea. Or maybe she has but afraid to admit it even to herself.

The team in 2 Days 1 Night is brainstorming on what concept is good for their next filming. Of course rookie Seung Chan has a brilliant idea, or maybe not. He started talking about the history of variety shows, Yes, he is smart in a bookish way. He does research. And his idea guided him to matchmaking. Of course, it was too cliche'  or too ordinary for the team who is on the verge of loosing their airtime. His naivety makes him the target of snide remarks and mockery by his team. Even PD Joon Mo thinks he is out of this world to even suggest the theme.

So, in this episode, Ye Jin and Seung Chan's business about the scratched car issue is not over. The funny part, Ye Jin discovered something ridiculous which she can use against Seung Chan. He was asked to erase some recorded tapes and he literally erased the words on the tape. She chanced upon him and using the situation to somewhat ridicule him discreetly, taught him how to do it properly using a magnetic machine that will erase the entire recordings of a tape.

Of course, the situation was handled very well by Ye Jin. She told him she would pay him in installment and started giving him money. But the irony, after he accepted the money, she asked him to buy her something because she has not eaten breakfast. Yup, she is sending him to do errands and I wonder if the same money she offered will be used to buy her food? Cheeky and wise.

PD Ra Joon Mo asked what concept his program should do and surprisingly, the matchmaking suggestion of Seung Chan was approved heartily by his superior, which ironically Kim Tae Ho once again say, "I told you so.." This PD is cracking me up. He is the typical opportunist, making every situation in his favor.

I think the story is revealing how these PDs and staff are working hard but the pay is not enough to cover every little things their family wants and needs. To escape extra fees for special training or advanced language tutorials, he decided to ask around people in every big companies who offer the same training his daughter needs to help him accept the child. 

Every rejection means he has the power to ask favors like idols guesting in a variety program under him. This kind of situation makes everyone connected in a company avoid him. How fast it is to relay information through mobile phones. 

Something happened to Hani of EXID in the story so the team has to change her. But the problem was, the remaining guest will not commit themselves unless they know who will be the replacement. Again, Seung Chan suggested Cindy to be their guest. Actually it was awesome but he was tasked to call Cindy and persuade her. Good thing Cindy has not yet returned the umbrella he lent her. He was texting her the whole day before the team talked about Cindy. Cindy was beginning to think Seung Chan is just using the excuse of texting her because he likes her. But she soon found out, he is just as what he is. Only interested if she returned the umbrella because then he would pay a fine for returning it late.

Cindy is the typical brat who became like that because she was trained so hard it was her way to rebel. But actually, she seemed sad inside. Then there are anti Cindy fan cafe that insults her. This may be petty things netizens do vai internet but the result or damage to a certain idol is bigger than they thought. Emotionally and psychologically, their words will hurt and will leave scars to the one they hate.

Seung Chan met Cindy. He was trying to persuade her to guest in their program when the CEO arrived. She is Byeon Mi Sook and she is a scary one. A very difficult person to talk to. Joon Mo received a call about rookie PD talking with Mi Sook who seemed to be his enemy at one point. He went to fetch Seung Chan who got scolded.  But in the midst of this drama, Cindy found herself liking Seung Chan. I think she has formed some thoughts that she will act upon.

That night, they had a drink. Seung Chan received soju from Tae Ho and Joon Mo. He became drunk. He was clutching the food he bought earlier for Ye Jin. He went to her to give the bag of food but due to his drunkenness, he lost consciousness and fell against Ye Jin.

Will the love line be tangled within these four character? Ye Jin is looking for love, will she misunderstand the situation?


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