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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

GIF - Descendants of the Sun episode 4 Highlights

Highlights of the episode...

The time where medical staff are in danger because Mo Yeon assured Si Jin she would be able to save the Arab who was in danger of dying. Si Jin abandoned his superior's command not to meddle because it would result to conflict with Arab country if the man died. 

This scene spoke of how Si Jin would protect Mo Yeon from harm and at the same time he was looking at her as if thinking he believes in her ability and wishing her silently to do well in the surgery.

After the taxing surgery that surprisingly went well although the patient has not yet recovered his consciousness.

Si Jin accepting his punishment to be detained inside a storage room for insubordination.

He had no regret whatsoever in his decision. He did it knowing it was the best during that situation.

The result of Si Jin's actions. He just blew off his chance to get promoted.

Dae Young going back to Korea.

Mo Yeon and Si Jin's conversing about what happened. She was guilty but he let her know it was not her fault.

I love Myeong Joo and Dae Young's love story...

How it started...

The ongoing discussion on how guys think about sleeping together... the rumors that they already slept together.

So Jin and Mo Yeon

Who would not fall in love with Si Jin's charisma and sudden attack of compliment? 

A comrade had passed away.

AGUS the soldier turned villain looking at the funeral from afar.

Si Jin saw Mo Yeon going to talk to his superior to argue the case of insubordination.

They had first argument/fight

he told her it has nothing to do with her whatever his decision that led to insubordination.

Bromance bickering...

The night for another chanced meeting after their argument earlier.

The first kiss!

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