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Friday, March 18, 2016

GIF Descendants of the Sun episode 6 Highlights

It's difficult to deny oneself of his/her true feelings.
And this is what's happening to Mo Yeon and Si Jin. She can't let herself be vulnerable and accept him. She is confused. She is scared. She is being a coward when it comes to love.

Si Jin went back to Korea. He did not even say goodbye to Mo Yeon. She learned it next day through his subordinate.

Si Jin and his father taking a photo with his mother's picture. His father is one proud father.

Surprising his friend at the training ground with his sudden appearance and executing perfectly on how to glide on a wire with soldiers looking in awe.

Always the man who brings the fun side of being a soldier..that's Si Jin. 
Captain Yoo Si Jin!

Getting together and catching up with each other's news.
But unfortunately. some soldiers who trained under Seo Dae Young who keep a grudge on him appeared and wants to get even with him. The two had to ran for their life...lol!
..as they fought their way out of the bar,

Hiding...energy spent from running...
Could there be any more cute scenes for these two?

Finally answering Myeong Joo's call...
but he remained silent just listening to her voice.

Thinking of Mo Yeon...

as she thinks of Si Jin, too.

so the bromance conitnue.
Same shirt!
Couple shirt?

The day when it seemed everything is beautiful and peaceful...

Myeong Joo suddenly called Si Jin.
Getting petty but at the same time trying to annoy Mo Yeon as she talks about her not minding her presence to Si Jin over the phone.

Good answer Mo Yeon!

Time to get back to Korea. They finished their volunteer work. 

Hiding the diamonds...
looks like ready to be delivered soon.

The manager giving his helmet to his hoobae.

The earthquake happened!
Everything falling and crushing.

The pilots saw what was happening...

Mo Yeon was one of the first to leave the medicube with some of her colleagues. They saw how the earthquake has been damaging the place.

Si Jin saw the news...

Another round of argument. Mo Yeon does not want to board the plane. She and her colleagues need to get back and do their duty to save lives.

The hospital chairman is talking with the officials about rescuing their staff.

Everyone seemed fine after the earthquake subsided.

The start of rescue operation. Medics will be busy segregating the patients, diagnosing, and try to save survivors. It was a difficult task ahead for all of them.

Even soldiers are on standby...barely has time to eat and rest.

So who's back?

Captain Yoo Si Jin and a few of his subordinates arrived. It was as if Mo Yeon already hoped he is one of them walking towards her.

Amidst the crowd...

Amidst the welcoming troupe...

They sought each other's eyes...

..also these two love birds.

I have to praise the writer and the director for this scene.

Beautiful. Quiet. Full of feelings.
The backdrop was chaotic but it also emphasize what they are to each other.

He truly cares for her...

But for now, it has to be set aside. They are here for a reason.
They are here to do hard tasks.

They don't have time to talk...

but Si Jin got to say what's on his mind the whole time he was apart from her.

At least they get to say
be careful!

As for the dramatic appeal of the drama, I will say it is very high. The characters give viewers that sense of frustrations regarding the reality of how hard it is to give your heart to a person who lives a dangerous life.

Maybe it is the romance that's carrying the drama itself. However, I hope there will be more depth in the story to give justice to the popularity it is currently enjoying.  Not saying it is not accordingly deserved but maybe I still find it lacking in my opinion.

But will stay if only to satisfy my curiosity until the end.


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