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Thursday, March 17, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] Marriage Contract First Review and episode 4 Highlights

I am liking the storyline so far of this weekend drama via MBC. It is about a single mother left with a child and huge debt to pay by her husband who unfortunately had passed away. It is a story of struggling to live despite the sufferings of raising her daughter alone without family by her side. She works hard, just to make sure her daughter can live adequately but loan sharks are always bothering her. 

Kang Hye Soo meets Han Ji Hoon, a bachelor and from a rich family. His real mother used to be his father's mistress but at some point, his mother decided to give him to his father so he will have a good future. Ji Hoon's stepmother accepted him despite him being an illegitimate son. Ji Hoon has a half brother [the legitimate one] Han Jung Hoon and so far they are okay as siblings. Ji Hoon despite receiving generosity and some kind of love from his step mother knows that he will always be the odd one in the family because the truth, he is really from another woman's child.

His mother Oh Mi Ran is an alcoholic. She still carries a torch for his father, the Chairman. She fell ill and needs liver transplant. Time is of essence and Ji Hoon wants his mother to have the surpgery as soon as possible. Her turn for receiving the donor is so far down the line that Ji Hoon thought of doing the surgery for her but unfortunately, he is not a match. The only thing that could save time and his mother is through relative donation. He needs a fake wife to do the surgery and be the donor.

It is a crime if found out. Donors and recipient must follow regulations. Fake marriage is also a crime. Ji Hoon must be very discreet finding a wife soon. He and Hye Soo already met by accident. It happened when her daughter ran after a cat towards the street and Hye Soo protected her with her body from Ji Hoon's approaching car. The good thing was it did not hit mother and daughter but surprisingly and unexpectedly, Hye Soo fainted and lost consciousness. When she woke up she was already inside the hospital. Ji Hoon asked the doctor to check on her so there will be no problems later. She wanted to go but he cut her by telling her to do it already and not come looking after him after sometime to probably sue him. Ji Hoon was being cautious of being made a fool of. The funny part though was that Ji Hoon and the little girl got on the wrong foot and harbor dislike at each other. Well the little girl was being protective of her mother while Ji Hoon is typical of a male who has no patience when it comes to children.

That's how their story started. They again met when Hye Soo started working at his restaurant. She is a good cook. Because she was evading loan sharks, she hides from them. She is not even returning on her house anymore. She and her daughter went to her work place and decided to stay the night. That's when she heard Ji Hoon and her manager in the restaurant [she does not know Ji Hoon owns it] talking about fake marriage and how he would pay his bride a large amount to do the surgery. She was so intent on eavesdropping that she made a noise.

She was found out. She bravely told him she will do the surgery. Of course, it did not happen as quickly as that. She changed her mind and went away. It was unbelievable for Ji Hoon that he would meet again this woman he had a run in just days before. Now he is contemplating on her willingness to do the surgery. It bothered him that this woman who is a stranger overheard him talking about something that could jeopardize his plans and be caught doing a crime.

He kept on calling her but at first, Hye Soo was not answering. She is not doing it anymore. It was a spur of the moment thing for her.Her decision only changed when she went to the hospital and saw the results of the tests done to her during the time she fainted. There was a small tumor in her head. it needs to be treated as early as possible. The doctor gave her a  weak assurance on her health and the possibility of dying. But she also told her that she really needs to get treatment for it.

That decided her to seek Ji Hoon and tell him she is still interested to the the surgery and the test.

Then start of their everyday communication. She went back working for him in the restaurant. She tries to memorize every single information about him that the hospital might asked her in preparation to being the donor for his mother. There will always be the assumption that their relationship is not real thus she needs to be convincing as well as Ji Hoon that they are truly lovers.

The problem is the little girl. Cha Eun Sang became even more protective of her mother. She is acting proprietorial towards her mother specially in the presence of Ji Hoon. It is understandable because the child fears that soon her mother might leave her alone to go with this ahjussi she thought she dislikes. It is natural to be jealous and to seek all attention of her mother for herself. Ji Hoon tries his best to get along but so far, they can not. Hye Soo is torn between these two although her concern is of course mainly for her daughter. But she also need the money. Actually, she already paid for he debt.

Ji Hoon's mother learned about his fake marriage too late. He had already registered the marriage. She does not want to do the surgery anymore. She wanted her son not to trouble himself for her. Then his father called her mother about Ji Hoon not meeting a good match from a wealthy family. His father is urging him to settle down soon. This makes Ji Hoon's mother worry for Ji Hoon's future.

The story is progressing nicely and the pace is just fine. I just have this concern on Hye Soo's health condition. I do hope she won't die in the end, though. Ji Hoon will surely see how amazing she is as a woman and as a mother. But of course, his ex girlfriend who happens to be his brother's current fiancee is now wanting to get back with him. This is going to be trouble for Ji Hoon.

Below are some gif moments in episode 4..



They are arguing when the nurse approach her with the officer in charge for evaluating the authenticity of her relationship with Ji Hoon. It was an awkward moment but the do have to pretend to be okay.

Interview proceeded...

Hye Soo's friend saw the photos of her with the man whom she works for. They are wedding photos. Eun Sang happened to take a peek of those photos and saw that her mother was with that ahjussi she dislikes.

The interviewer wanted to meet Eun Sang for more confirmation of the relationship. This is a problem because Eun Sang does not know about this pretend marriage and she might spill something that would put them in very precarious situation.

Again, it is a crime, paying for donors and pretending to be in a real marriage.

Ji Hoon decided to shower the kid with so many toys and dresses. The girl got excited but kept asking who the friend her mother is talking about that gave her this many presents.

Time to meet Ji Hoon.

Of course, the girl realized it was the ahjussi! She does not like him so she ignores him. She even ran away from the restaurant making Hye Soo go after her and leaving Ji Hoon with a pair of shoes that the girl decided not to wear realizing they came form him.

Ji Hoon's mother is making a fuss at not wanting to take the surgery.

Family dinner...

Ji Hoon burned old photos taken with Na Yoon.

The fire caught the tails of the curtains and Hye Soo doused it with water. She even saved the photos but he crumpled it again.

Hye Soo trying to win her daughter's trust.

They went to the amusement park.

Opps, the ahjussi she hates was the one who carried her when she looked back. She did not know he was invited.

Frustrations coming on Ji Hoon. He is having a hard time getting the child to trust him.

Oh, well he can be fun too, right Eun Sang??? hmmm... maybe not?

The girl cried. She was scared. She feared her mother would leave him alone and go with this ahjsussi.

Ji Hoon left alone eating ice cream. He was reminded of his lonely childhood when his mother gave up on him. 

Mother and daughter moment. A mother would never leave her child. Hye Soo assured Eun Sang.

They are arguing. Ji Hoon is getting irritated by her and his patience is running out.

Na Yoon breaking it off with Jung Hoon.

Hye Soo and her friend...
sh was asking for her to testify that she is really in a relationship with Ji Hoon. She begs her. She is so tired of living alone and suffering. She needs Ji Hoon's money to survive and for Eun Sang's future.

Ji Hoon's mother saw her at the restaurant. She wanted the marriage to be annulled.

The scene that breaks my heart. Hye Soo begging Ji Hoon's mother to survive so she can also survive.

Ji Hoon witnessed the scene.
Maybe it made him see Hye Soo in a new dimension.

Awkward yet something has changed...

Ji Hoon trying to get along with Eun Sang.

Na Yoon appearing suddenly...

She saw the wedding photo on the ground....

Hye Soo was there looking at them...

as Ji Hoon also looks back at her.


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