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Monday, March 14, 2016

Preview Stills and Video - Six Flying Dragons episode 47

Oh my...this is going to be a difficult episode to watch for sure. Will I have to say goodbye to some characters that captured my heart while following the ups and downs of this great epic saga? Bang Ji and Moo Hyul have always been under the shadow of someday going to face each other in a fight. They have always been guarding each two intelligent souls that has turned enemies. Now they will also be caught in a fight they did not dreamed of.

Bang Won and Sambong would finally settle what was left of their fight. This is going to be melancholic knowing they fought for the same dreams and principles for the poor but along the way, they found out they could no longer work together because they have different approach to everything when it comes to settling things in order to achieve their goals.

Who else would be in the way of this fight?


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