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Saturday, March 19, 2016

GIF Goodbye Mr. Black episode 1 - Cha Ji Won meets Khaya

I just have to share these cute moments where the OTP of this drama meets for the first time and the conflict that arise within that short span of meeting. Yup, sparks fly and viewers see it. They are like cat and dog, but more likely, Khaya is the one on the defense. Ji Won is getting his kind of fun annoying this stranger who he thought stole his wallet. He caught up with her weakness soon, seeing passports on her possession.

Well I still have to write my first impression on the drama and my thoughts on the 2 episodes but for now, I have made a lot [as in a lot!] of gif and have to post them separately.

First batch of gif...

Cha Ji Won meets Khaya

Cha Ji Won landed on Thailand to attend training and at the same time to deliver something from his father to a man in Thailand.

But oh no... a pickpocket stole his wallet!
He was unaware of it.

Khaya being bullied by locals...throwing garbage on her arms. But yeah, she is no pushover. She is as feisty as any street smart who has been surviving alone in the city.

Got to ran after those bullies!

That's when she crossed paths with Captain Cha Ji Won!
Literally crashing on him!

Is this a good start? Ahmm..no. But he was never annoyed with her. It was clearly an accident.

Or was it?
He just realized his wallet is missing.
..and the culprit must be this lady.

Oh no..she won't be able to escape him. He is no fool. Or was he?
but I am enjoying this scene because of the skinship already happening considering they are strangers to each other. She wants to escape his arms but he is much stronger. She jabbed him with her elbows.

And bit him! 
He let go.

Running away from him but he soon caught up with her speed. Well he is a fit soldier and running is like a normal thing for him.

But she is smart..did I just say it again? lol


He is intimidating her...crowding her.

I find it funny how Ji Won could never win against her. She is too strong for his gentle and nice aura. 

She wanted to leave him but again, he is not that easy to dodge.

Ji Won is a gentleman. Although he is making her find his wallet he is sensitive to what's happening. He saw she hurt her finger, He felt guilty so told her to stop.

He also washed her fingers with water which is an expensive commodity in Thailand.
I did not know that.
Ji Won shows his caring side and Khaya is flustered.

What was she thinking? 
I am curious.
Does this scene make an impression on her?

Telling her his name but she never returned the favor.
What's keeping her from saying her name?
Did she think she won't meet this man again and it would be a waste to tell him anyway?
she did feel something. Like attraction?
And thought..what the heck?
He and I are different. He won;t be back. I will just be another stranger who share the same nationality but soon will be one of those faceless/nameless person he happens to meet.

this is my take on this scene though

Walking him to where he needs to be. Meeting the man his father told him to.
Someone who knows Khaya.
But Khaya wants nothing to have to do with this man.

So these are the first moments of meeting between Khaya and Ji Won. Interesting that their fate tangled upon stepping his foot in Thailand. I think it left a deeper impression on Khaya's side but with Ji Won I have a feeling he enjoyed meeting her despite their petty arguments.

After all Khaya is an interesting woman. 

I love the interactions already!

Goodbye Mr. Black is a revenge drama. It started with good pilot episode. Will have to post on another blog more gif and thoughts.

Please give credit to this blog when taking out photos. 


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