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Saturday, March 19, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] GIF - Goodbye Mr. Black episode 1 Highlights

Based on the novel Count of Monte Cristo, this series is k-dramas's version of the story which is about revenge. Goodbye Mr. Black will tackle the betrayal of a long time friend who was caught in a trap which he let himself be in and try to feed his hunger for greed to achieve his dreams. 

Episode 1 is fast paced already showing some of the background stories surrounding the Cha family and the closeness of Cha Ji Won and Min Sun Jae who is like an adoptive son to Ji Won's father. Despite being the heir of Sunwoo group, Ji Won chose to join the navy with his father's blessings. I like the fact that the Chairman is not the typical tycoon who forced his son to follow his footsteps but letting his son to follow his dreams because it is what will make him happy.

The story shows how Ji Won and Sun Jae's relationship is. They are both in the Navy. 

They are almost like brothers. But underneath all these seemingly perfect and beautiful relationship, there seems to be a hidden feeling harboring against Ji Won that is taking Sun Jae's heart slowly. An envious heart that clearly see their different social status, loving one woman and fate which is more harder on Sun Jae than Ji Won. These mix feelings are all underneath Sun Jae's and any minute he will be eaten and be defeated with this dark feelings he is keeping inside.

Like brother..like a son...

Sun Jae ran towards Mr. Chairman away from his own father who just got out of prison. A child who feared his own father... but was it the only reason? As Sun Jae stared back at his father the time he was clutching tightly onto Chairman's body, it was like he was escaping him because he knew he would live a life of misery with him. Denouncing him is the only way for him to live. Finding generosity and love from the Cha family who treated him like a son and like a brother to the siblings Ji Won and his sister, he gained new friends and family as well. An opportunity to be someone else other than poor Sun Jae. 

The friendship seems real and honest. The love is there. But because there is I think a motive behind even though he is only a child, his eyes could never lie. And it only accompanied him as he grew older, hiding behind smiles but easily coming out in the open when he thinks nothing is going smoothly his way. It is not surprising if he betrays the family. Genuine acceptance of who he really is should have taught him to let go the growing greed he is nurturing inside.  But it only made him justify his devious actions in the end that cause the life of the Chairman.

Ma Ri...the woman who caught Ji Won and Sun Jae's heart.

She is the daughter of the commander in the navy. He favors Ji Won. It is easy to notice the different treatment with Sun Jae. He has always been a friend to Ma Ri but her father finds it odd and not to his liking that Sun Jae walks Ma Ri home. He reprimands him which makes him bitter and thinking his situation which is lacking is the reason why he is not fit to be a rival of Ji Won in Ma Ri's heart.

The family dinner was a nice scene, celebrating the Chairman's birthday. Ji Won suddenly announces his wish to marry Ma Ri. An uncomfortable feeling suddenly made Sun Jae look unhappy and suffering inside alone. How can he be happy when his heart his aching. Jealousy is creeping out and would swallow him but he had to control his feelings. Ma Ri is out of his reach. Or did he really think he has a chance if he is also rich? Or if Ji Won is also poor?

Loving the same woman will always be a reason for two friends to fall out of friendship sooner or later. 

Ji Won and Ma Ri

He loves her. He even proposed to her. He is willing to marry her in a rush. Ma Ri sometimes act coy but I think she really loves him too. Theirs is the kind of love built on maybe friendship. Ji Won has a natural and good relationship with her father in the Navy. 

[aka Kim Swan]

A Korean national who lives in Thailand. She sells cold drinks to foreigners walking the streets and at the beach. She is also street smart. She picks up thrown wallets at the trash site by local pickpockets and gets things that are useful like passports. She sells them illegally to Meutong/Ko Sung Min who in turn make new passports out of those stolen ones. She is feisty when it comes to bargaining about money. But she is no match for Meutong who is wise when it comes to money.

She met Ji Won accidentally, running into him and bumping into him which made them lose their balance. He realized she is Korean and became friendly. Well he is the type to be nice to strangers. Khaya's products scattered on the streets because of the collision. She demanded that he pay for them. He felt for his wallet and realized it was not in his pocket anymore. He then immediately thought it was her who stole his wallet.

It was a funny and sat the same time cute scene. It shows that the OTP got on the wrong foot with each other, mistaking the other as a thief and he was acting not really annoyed or angry but seems he finds her cute as he continue to go after her and not let her escape him. They ran, he held her wrist, she got locked on his arms, she bit him, she hid but he was always catching up with her. She pushed him and got his pants dirty.

In the end, she went to look for his stolen wallet by the place where she always goes to. She hurt her finger while looking for it. Ji Won was so nice to tell her to stop when he saw her wounded finger. He even pour water on it as he grabbed her wrist to cleanse the wound. It was a scene where Khaya was flustered into silence as she stared at him doing it to her hands. Ji Won was a gentle and caring man even to strangers like her. I think his actions surprised her. Perhaps the first time someone showed gentleness and caring towards her in a long time now.

It was a meeting that I think made an impression on Khaya.

[gif of Khaya/Ji Won meeting here ]

Sun Jae, Chairman Cha and Ji Won

Sun Jae decided to leave the Navy and work for Sunwoo Group. He felt frustrated that nothing seems to work for him. He wanted to escape his pathetic father and background that pulls him down. He had it when another lawsuit came because of his father. Then he saw how Ji Won helped his father when the gang detained his father, Ji Won did not tell him but go instead in his behalf and fight the gang. It felt too much for Sun Jae how pathetic his father is and yet Ji Won has a nice relationship with him like father and son, which ironically he does not have with his father. The sight of the two playing around made him lose his temper  and punch Ji Won. Of course Ji Won understand him. 

Sun Jae started working at the company. Even the Chairman is happy that he is doing good. He also knew about Ji Soo's crush on Sun Jae and he has no problem with it. The old man was actually looking forward to some news about the status of the relationship with his daughter.

But everything will fall down. Sun Jae did something bad. Well he was the target of another envious character who wants someone to be used against the Chairman. He did his assignments well and seems satisfied that Sun Jae will be the man who will act as his puppet. Baek Eun Do is a scary man. He employs a bodyguard/secretary who kills for him.  And they set a trap for Sun Jae.

Sadly, Sun Jae was trapped. 

He was caught stealing or copying the proposal bid  that the Chairman declined from Baek Eun Do. Now he was being blackmailed for that. One of the Chairman's man Seo Jin Tak was in on the plan with Baek Eun Do. He told the Chairman about what Sun Jae did and about taking the company's money for  pay off. The incident happened in Thailand. The Chairman met Sun jae who was surprised at being caught. He would not let himself go to the police. He even told the Chairman to forgive him. But Sun Jae was being arrogant and his hidden character is now seen by the Chairman. He was a disappointment. He is showing his greed and envy.

The killer shot the Chairman. Sun Jae was not anticipating this. He went to help the Chairman but Ji Won suddenly calls that moment. The phone which slipped through the hands of the Chairman landed on out of reach for the old man to tell Ji Won what's happening. If Sun Jae only defeated his dark side, he can still save the Chairman. But he grabbed on the phone, not letting the Chairman talk to Ji Won. Well the man was already dying and he could no longer say anything. Sun Jae just listen to Ji Won's voice on the other side, guilt written in his face along with strong determination not to be caught.

It was a point of no return already. The moment he let the Chairman down, never saved him, is the moment when he let go his good side. He made his choice and he chose to be the bad guy. 

It was a compelling pilot episode. It was not perfect, I was for a moment confused because the editing has problems but overall, I can say that this is my kind of drama. The plot thickens. Crime was done. Anything secret will always be uncovered in the future. Lives of Cha siblings will surely be affected and perhaps changed.

Khaya and Ji Won have a kind of fate that will bind them together as the drama develops.
And I am looking forward as the intrigues unfold.


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