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Monday, March 21, 2016

GIF Goodbye Mr. Black episode 2 Ji Won and Khaya

Ironically in episode 2, Ji Won was the one being charged with murder. He chose to follow his instinct telling him that something was off regarding his father's death which the authorities [?] had officially told that it was a cardiac arrest. It was of course orchestrated by the killer/assassin who dragged the Chairman's body outside, on the streets, inside a cab and putting evidence like drugs to complete the scenario of drug overdose. A very scandalous event if released to the media.

But Ji Won knew his father. And this instinct led him to where the man following him secretly went to. The place where goons and drug dealers where hiding. Ji Won also saw the familiar sight of the killer he had bumped into at his father's company who smelled of gunpowder. Right! Something is fishy! 


His investigation led him to a fight with the goons and when he held a gun and pointed it at the man and perhaps going to ask him about the photos of his family he found at one of the rooms. That moment was captured by a CCTV and Sun Jae had made that video tampered by making it appear he fired the gun and killed someone.

Now Ji Won is a fugitive and a wanted man. He needs a passport to leave Thailand soon. He sought Khaya and asked her to make her one, giving her all the money left in his pocket and adding his elegant and expensive watch.

He found her being bullied again and he kicked the men and they scurry off like a frightened rats.

Khaya went to Meutong. She was looking at different faces in different IDs but could not find a photo that would pass up as Ji Won. That's when a newspaper was shoved on her, telling her to find this guy instead to get a large sum of money.

It was Ji Won on front page of a local newspaper. 

She can'r read but he translated it for her. He is a suspect for murder and a wanted man.

Khaya lloked for Ji Won. Like he promised he would always find her wherever she is.
She gave him an ID and also told him that his height can easily gave him off. She even gave back his watch along with the newspaper to let him know she knew and that he should hide.

But he gave back the watch and the newspapaer to her again. He turned his back and walked away.

She gave him unsolicited advise.
She told him to leave two days later during market days where sellers are usually by the borders.

Of course, Khaya can never be still. I think she felt responsible for his safety. Maybe the time they had their encounters told him he is not the bad guy the newspapers are trying to portray him. She appeared at the right time when the authorities are asking him to remove his cap and he is not complying.
She told that she is his fiancee and that he is retarded. Kind of crazy in the head. Guess her alibi worked for the guard's attention focused on her as she pushed Ji Won to start walking away.

But Ji Won's escape was soon blocked when he saw the killer and the man he gave documents to from his father  noticed him and called out his name. The goons were alerted and soon chased him.

It was a long day and Khaya is still searching for him. She somehow thinks he will seek her. And she was right.

He was there by her house, wounded and nowhere to go.


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