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Friday, March 25, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Descendants of the Sun episode 7 Highlights

The aftermath of the disaster....

All characters are dealing with the events happening after the earthquake struck the country they are all in, Urk.
Simultaneously, they are working hard to rescue people trap inside the building that collapsed. Soldiers and medical team don't have the luxury of entertaining their own personal trauma just yet, because people needs them.

Captain Yoo Si Jin is back with his special force team sent from Korea. Amidst the chaos, he tells her he is regretting not saying goodbye to her. The moment they are in now makes him feel that everything is fickle, everything counts because if taken for granted, it can be lost and never regained back. It is a relief that he finds her again not harmed after the earthquake.

It can't be helped if they both are dealing with their emotions in the middle of this crisis. It has to be said now even so that everything is clear, that whatever happens again, his feelings are real and never changing. Between the two of them, it is Mo Yeon who is having a difficult time coming to terms with her own emotions. She is conflicted between accepting him and protecting herself.

Rescue starts...

Difficult task ahead for all soldiers ahead. They don't mind the danger because their ultimate goal is to do their job to the best they can.

There will always be nuisance whenever, wherever but this one is the most annoying and selfish one!
Well he has to find those diamonds or else his head is on the line.

In the middle of work, Si Jin monitored what's happening with the medical team, Guess he is trying to know if Mo Yeon is handling the catastrophe well.

Myeong Joo and Mo Yeon finding themselves working together despite their differences. But between the two, Mo Yeon is much more in control and perhaps experienced in dealing with patients in a emergency situation.

Chi Hoon finding communication hard...
it is a relief that the woman is able to tell him and make him understand that she is pregnant. She can endure pain as long as her child is safe. She does not want any pain reliever injected on her, it might harm her baby.

The most painful and tough decision Mo Yeon has o face...
who to save and let die.
Two men trapped inside, one the manager she met and spoken with, a  person with warm character, the other one a man who was struck by a long pole only missing vital parts. But the dilemma is that, the outcome of rescuing the other would be the death of the other. Mo Yeon wanted to save the old man. she knows the challenged of having to operate on the other man and not sure if it will be successful.

Si Jin is not there to make it easier for her. He is there waiting for her judgement. He is there to do the rescuing but who to rescue lies on her. As a doctor she has the ability to make good decision of who will survive between the two after rescue.

The pros and cons...

It is heartbreaking but she has to choose only one.

The old man let her choose the other one who has a wife and children waiting for him. The old man is happy that he has lived his life until now. Painful but she has to let him go. He already knew who has to be saved first. He calmed her conflicting thoughts and painful decision for her.

Saying goodbye...

Bromance lights up the dark mood surrounding the place.

I like these two. They love each other, that is for sure.

Mo Yeon looking at the scene unfolding before her eyes.
It was a tough day. 
It has been a difficult decision day for her.
Lives depend on these people...
on her and on her team.

Si Jin is hurt and Mo Yeon treated his wound.
Mo Yeon is asking for his usual funny joke at a time like this.
Perhaps it can salvage her spirits that has been feeling low.

Again, Si Jin is honest.
He misses her.
Simple words but it affects Mo Yeon more than he knows.

The drama is pulling the viewers emotionally with many side stories in this episode. Amidst the disaster, Si Jin and Mo Yeon is there for each other giving support and care.

How this event will make them closer, know more of each other will make the romantic part of their story develops more.


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