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Saturday, March 26, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Goodbye Mr. Black episode3 Highlights

The story is moving fast. A lot is happening and it is making the story captivating.

With Ji Won hurt, Ji Ryoon and Khaya decided to leave her place and move Ji Won to a safer place, away for the time being from the city. Khaya was hesitating to cross the sea riding a boat but she had no choice because she was  concerned for Ji Won's safety and he needed to be taken cared of. Although scared, she went along and found a place on the other side of the beach where they pretended to be husband and wife. For the time being Ji Won is not waking up and it took him a couple of days until he regained his consciousness. By that time, the landlady was being nosy and Khaya had to protect their privacy from the lady's piercing eyes.

She took care of him and when she had time, she also continue to sell cold drinks at the beach. Ji Ryoon was a frequent visitor. He was the one who gave Ji Won his new name as Black. Everything seemed fine and Ji Won though finding the whole situation a bit burdensome, although not really talking about it, he was silent most of the time by himself.

[thoughts on Khaya/Ji Won on this  episode here ]

But Ji Won knew that Khaya was being protective of him and it was something he must be thankful for. Although he wanted to go, he could not leave just yet. He stayed, he took care of things he  had to, acted more like  brother than a pretend husband and I believe, he was very sincere in his efforts to be nice to her while taking good care to not cross the line.

Yes, Ji Won did not cross the line when it comes to Khaya, He must have realized that Khaya at some point while living with him was getting to be attached. He knew that when he leaves, she would be hurt and that's why I am guessing he was really planning on when is the right time to leave.

While away and in hiding, Ji Won has not yet realized that his friend Sun Jae is the enemy. Ji Soo was still mourning the death of her father and now the crime her brother was supposed to have done in Thailand. She was left alone to deal about thing in the company as one of the heirs but she did not know what to do. Seo Jin Tak asked for her SPA to let him represent her in the coming board meeting. 

She told Sun Jae about it. Sun Jae must have been waiting for this time to be her trusted representative but Mr. Seo was fast. 

Meutong decided to go to see Jin Won's family. He showed them the newspaper about Ji Won and the well he was asking for a reward money, telling them he knew where Ji Won is staying. He thought he was still at Khaya's house. He also told them about a girl Ji Won was with.

Sun Jae was very alert and I think his mind was already trying to make plans to get Ji Won and turn him to the killer and his goons.

Sun Jae had firmly stayed by his decision to eliminate Ji Won and move forward with his own agenda of taking Sunwoo with the help of Mr. Baek. His greed can not be stopped anymore.

But there was no Ji Won or Khaya at the place Meutong showed them. By that time Khaya and Ji Ryoon had transferred Ji Won already on the other side of the sea.

An option for Sun Jae to secure the company. He must marry Ji Soo as Mr. Baek told him. He was surprised at the suggestion but the old man also knew he prefers Ma Ri. But then it does not matter who he marries as long as they are tied as accomplice and they will have a hold on Sunwoo group.

The SPA was received by Mr. Seo and he was ecstatic to be the representative of Ji Soo.

Or so he thought!
Sun Jae was too clever to just let him be the authority. There were two documents placed on the table for Ji Soo to sign. I think Sun Jae planned it that way, not making himself appear too greedy but let one of his people at the company gave Ji Soo the documents.
Of course, Ji Soo would prefer Sun Jae over Mr. Seo. And it was surprising that all her shares were transferred to his name, too. Sun Jae acted surprised.
He had to.

Because behind those expression, he already knew his plan succeeded.
Remember he is calculating and cunning. He gambled on his closeness to Ji Soo with that document together with Mr. Seo's document.

But no secret will stay hidden.
While on the phone with Mr. Baek, they talked about the Chairman's death and Ji Soo was there behind him silently, going to surprise him. Ironically, she was the one surprised and scared of what she heard. She would have gone unnoticed but something dropped on the fl;oor causing Sun Jae to turn his head and saw her. He knew right then that she had listened.

She tried to get away but Sun Jae would not let her go. It would be his fall now if she told someone. This turn of events was unexpected in the story that it made the plot even more exciting.

Sun Jae tried to make her listen.
To his lies.
To his own version.
To his story. He made it look like she misunderstood. But she knew better. She had been betrayed.
They have been betrayed by Sun Jae.

Another twist in the story.
Ji Soo lost her balance as Sun Jae was trying to get hold of her hands as she backed away from him. It was too late. She toppled over the railing and fell on the ground.

Would Sun Jae finally woke up and feel remorse?
He seemed to have been accumulating sin after sin.
There was no time for him to think, to feel sorry but to make the accident hidden from everyone in the house.

He brought her to a car, got her belongings inside her closet and packed them in a suitcase. But another twist came up.

Ji Soo went missing in the car!
Where was she? Did she regained consciousness? 
Is she hiding?
After that fall, it seemed impossible.

Ma Ri was asking her father to help Ji Won but he was not going to do anyting. For him Ji Won was a deserter and now, a possible murderer.

Ma Ri went to Cha family home and found Sun Jae eating. He looked like he is now the head of the house.
Something was off but Ma Ri was not really entertaining those thoughts. Ji Soo suddenly disappeared and Sun Jae told her Ji Soo is in China. Just got a call from her.

But it was suspicious when Ma Ri could not get a hold of Ji Soo. The girl is not calling her and out of reach. She pretended to be Ji Soo and asked for her  phone account, found out there have been no calls recently.
None at all.

Where is Ji Soo?
Why did he lie to her?
This should have been really suspicious but Ma Ri accepted Sun Jae's reasons.

But she is no fool. I want to think she must have thought that all this time Sun Jae must be wanting to  have a piece of what Ji Won has.

Sun Jae indirectly admitted to being happy because he is in love with her and not what being happy because he can now be the owner of Sunwoo.

Somehow, Ma Ri's suspicious was directed to another truth, which is Sun Jae loving her even while she loves Ji Won, his best friend.
I know Sun Jae did not plan on letting her know yet, but it was an opportunity that presented itself to him and he took advantage of that. He finally told her his feelings and somehow deviated her from her suspicion.

Ji Ryoon went to see Sun Jae and told him about the witness who can prove Ji Won did not kill anyone. The witness was thought to have died but now Sun Jae learned he survived. Ji Ryoon told him where the hospital the witness stays.

In the middle of conversation, Ji Ryoon received a call about Ji Soo's disappearance. There was no trace that she left the country as Sun Jae had said. Ji Ryoon excused himself telling an alibi. He was smart to know that something is not right and Sun Jae must be a part of this scheme.

At the lantern festival, Ji Won decided to give Ma Ri a call. He told her he is okay and that he misses her. He also promise to come back and that she must wait for him. This was heard by Khaya, now called Swan as she stood outside the telephone booth. Swan felt uncomfortable and anxious eavesdropping she decide to walk away. But police officers were patrolling the area she told Ji Won about it and they fled.

They missed Sun Jae who was also in that place.

At the hospital, Ji Won talked with the witness. He learned that it was about the Gas bidding that was stolen which was the root of all this incident resulting on the death of his father.

But them moment they stepped outside the room the killer appeared as a doctor and shot the witness in the head.

Ji Won saw the killer.

He followed.
He saw the killer with the old man he was with when he met them at their company...

and there was Sun Jae.

About time Ji Won know the truth about his friend.
The lies and betrayal should be exposed for him to make his next move.

The story is good in showing twists and turns. 

At this point, I am sure Sun Jae had lost his way and chose to be greedy. Power is addictive and Sun Jae is basking in it while continuing to be calculating and devious. He will kill just to stay in that spot where he is now. With Ji Soo's shares in his hands, everything now is reachable. 


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