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Saturday, March 26, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Goodbye Mr. Black episode 3 - Khaya [Swan] and Ji Won


I can't help but make lots of gif moments of Khaya and Ji Won. Every frame that they were in, I want to capture all of them.  The chemistry is very, very good. 

From previous episode, Ji Won was hurt while running away from the killer and his goons. He found his way in front of Khaya's home. He trusted her enough to ask her help, knowing she will hide him. But because she was last seen with Ji Won and was photographed with him at the border, she now needs to hide with him for safety. Meutong is currently being questioned about the ID JI Won had in his possession while trying to cross the border.

Khaya needs to ride a boat and cross the sea. She is hesitant because she had trauma from her childhood, but she had no choice if she wants to save Ji Won. Ji Ryoon was urging her to go.

On the other side of the sea is their new home, temporarily. The landlady is being nosy because Ji Won apparently is still unconscious since they arrived. Khaya who stepped out of the hut for awhile came back coming from selling cold drinks at the beach is annoyed at the landlady. She hurriedly went inside and closed windows to avoid the landlady's curious eyes.

Ji Won is sleeping...still.

Khaya sits by the bed and stared at him, talking at him waiting for him to wake up.

She even teased him with food [I think it was banana on stick] maybe hoping the appetizing smell would wake him up.

She curled herself on a chair and sleep. The weather outside is windy, something that reminded or triggered a memory that appeared on her dreams. 

She dreamed of tsunami... 

...and some more like a man walking and those images made her scared. 
She jolted out of sleep.

She sits besides Ji Won. He is mumbling names...

She heard a name, a woman's name.
Ma Ri.

I guess by this time, Khaya is somehow attached to Ji Won. I guess Ji Won is the first person who have come closer to her, someone for the first time she is taking care of and living with at close quarters. 
It is not surprising if she is feeling curious of him and of who Ma Ri is. 
I can say, she may be feeling a little bit jealous although she is not yet aware of it.

Ji Won woke up next day, letting go of Khaya's hand. She is still asleep.

He remembers what happened to him.

Khaya looked for him the moment she saw he was not in bed anymore.
Is she worried that he is gone already?
Is she worried that he disappeared without saying goodbye?

But Ji Won is still there outside. She asked him if he is okay?

The landlady met them and asked her about her husband. Khaya had to tell Ji Won she pretended that they are husband and wife to avoid suspicion. She reminded him that they already posed as a couple at the border. 

Ji Ryoon appeared just in time when the landlady was asking his name.

He is now Black.

Night time came.
Khaya is not yet sleeping. Ji Won is lying on the other smaller bed. He knew she is restless and perhaps uncomfortable because they are alone. It was different when he was unconscious. He assured her she is safe and that he will sleep outside.

Khaya followed him outside. He is by the hammock.

I was not expecting the twist in the story about Khaya not able to read. Ji Won left a note for her when he went away for awhile but she can't understand what's written. She crumpled the note frustrated.

Ji Won came back and was confronted by Khaya. He showed her the note and that's when he learned she can't read.
I feel sorry for Khaya, just as I am sure he is, too.
Khaya told him the note is useless. He should have drawn something so she will understand instead. 

I like that Ji Won is actually taking care of her in his own way. He must have thought he has no other option but to accept the situation for awhile. He and Khaya live in one roof so he has to at least act the part if not as her husband but as a friend.

He cooks for her.
And she is pleased.
I fear that the situation is getting real for Khaya.

But of course Ji Won would feel bored and anxious as he continue to stay here with her. He has a lot of problems to solve, he has a sister and a fiancee waiting to hear from him. It is inevitable that at one point he would want to go and leave.

I understand the concern on Khaya's part. She has been there for him. She has been forced by the situation to live with him and care for him. She feared for his safety. But seeing and knowing that he is already wanting to live...

Having their first argument is not a surprise. She is hurt because she cares. of course she would say things just to let him know he was the one who sought her first.

They look like a couple fighting.

Maybe Ji Won realized he has been selfish to only think of himself and his own problem. he also know that he imposed a lot on Khaya and now he is acting selfish.

He went to her and made up with her...

in his own cute way!
Who would be able to resist him and his adorable smile? 

It definitely melts Khaya's heart.

Ji Won learned that Khaya means trash. Now he is suggesting to her to change her name.
He called her Ji Soo.
He told her his sister's name is Ji Soo.

She is not his sister!
Of course, she would not want him to call her by her sister's name, It would remind him that she is like his sister.
And I think, I am sure she does not want to be treated like a sister.

He called her Swan. 
Just like her sister who is an ugly duckling, but she is Swan.

She likes that.
She likes her new name.

She feels beautiful.

Now he is Black and she is Swan.

And they continue to live together.
She is contented?
Excited to see him everyday?

Perhaps all of the above!

he is clueless while she is curious.

Did she dressed nice for him? But he did not notice.

Ji Won and his everyday routine. Khaya has been following and watching him. Now she drags Ji Ryoon to show him like a proud wife.

Yes, Ji Ryoon has been noticing her behavior towards Ji Won. It is something new to watch her excited and smiling.

She even told him about her new name Ji Won gave her.

Swan is just so happy to watch him.

Ji Won washing himself..bare top..

Too much for Swan?

Yes, she feels something.
Maybe racing hearts?
Loud pounding of her heart?

Ji Ryoon is very much aware of what's happening to Swan!

First time she went to a lantern festival and actually joining and paying for her own lantern. She has been wanting to buy herself one to make a wish but she just stood watching at the sides. Now Ji Won asked her to come and like a couple, a true couple they took part in the festivities.

Like a child she was so hapy and excited.

She is in awe!

But her excitement was doused by Ji Won's call to Ma Ri, telling he misses her.

Police are rounding the area. She came back to him and told him. They needed to ran, to avoid being caught.
He hold her hand to her surprise!

Embrace her like other couples do to avoid the police. maybe they will think they are lovers, not fugitives.

The moment is necessary, but Swan is having different kind of thoughts and feelings. She is awkward. She is uncomfortable because maybe the first time a man embrace her in his arms.

This is certainly giving Swan mix emotions. 

But Ji Won is unaware of how she feels. He is acting like a brother protecting her.
Like a friend.
This is just a platonic relationship that will not change because he does not feel anything for her other than an older brother.

Then Swan will have to deal with her own emotions.
It's already clear that she is falling for him. 

Swan and Black
Not their true names.
It's fake.
So is their relationship.

When will he realize that she is the one?

I love the pacing of their story. I know, this has to be shown early because soon, the story will move forward to revenge. But I like that early at this point, Swan is already attracted to him.

For episode 3 highlights, will post it next.


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