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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Screen caps - Six Flying Dragons Finale - Boon Yi and Bang Won Ending Scenes + Boon Yi and Lee Do

For now I will just share a few screen caps of Bang Won and Boon Yi. I loved the scenes. It was a beautiful closure for the romantic part of their story in SFD. I am satisfied at how the story ended with them together in the last frame. They are that One True Pair in k-drama that will always bring that haunting yet beautiful and sad emotions in a viewer's heart. What they have is forever. 

I cried watching these scenes. That hairpin on her head and when she touched it while Bang Won was staring at her...so much feels! I think my heart would burst!  As additional bonus, I decided to share some screen caps when Boon Yi met Lee Do, Bang Won's son and the future King Sejong the great. That moment was also sentimental.

I have yet to post my thoughts on the last 4 episodes of the drama. I promise to share them even if late. Again, I am still trying to gather my thoughts so I can put into words all the things I want to say about this epic drama.

Just adding that Yoo Ah In is tremendously amazing. He is Bang Won personified, He completely and convincingly played the role perfectly. Hats off to you Yoo Ah In. Great actor.

screen cap...

These scenes were about Boon Yi just wanting to see Bang Won from afar. Moo Hyul asked her to see Bang Won by the beach . Again that bittersweet moments...

Bang Won waiting for Boon Yi... or perhaps Moo Hyul already relayed to him Boon Yi's wish. It was painful still for Boon Yi to see him face to face...

Of course, Bang Won sought her.

Scenes with Lee Do... 
after she filled her eyes of Bang Won's back by the beach.

I cried when Boon Yi embraced Lee Do. It was a very emotional scene and it was like she was able to give comfort to herself and to the little Bang Won that she see in Lee Do. 

Memories came rushing through Boon Yi after ...
those moments with Bang Won and his sincere love for her.

And the scenes that follow were the best closure for this amazing epic drama.


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