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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Goodbye Mr. Black episode 2 Highlights - Cha Ji Won Framed for Murder

Episode 2 is much engaging than the pilot episode. The story continues it's fast paced approach and the twist is really unexpected. 

While in Thailand, Ji Won met the man [Kim Ji Ryoon]his father asked him to give something to. It appears to be a donation for a foundation. Ji Won learned that Ryoon knew the woman he met whose name he has yet to find out. Khaya was found during the disaster that happened in Thailand when tsunami hit the country. She was just a girl that time and she was floating almost unseen with the debris on waters. Her parents were supposed to be ones of the casualties and she lives as an orphan since then.  

Ji Won was not aware that his father was also in Thailand that moment an fighting for his life. Sun Jae who was caught trying to pay money to people who supposed to have blackmailed him , not immediately realizing it was a trap, stubbornly refused to surrender to the authorities when Mr. Chairman told him to.

Sun Jae was surprised when the Chairman was shot but never did anything to save the man. Ji Won called his father but Sun Jae never let the Chairman talked to him. It would be the end for Sun Jae if Ji Won learned what happened to his father and what he did would implicate him to his death. The betrayal was unexpected but the Chairman seemed to know and realized that whatever he did for Sun Jae, it was never enough. Hence, Sun Jae's greed overpowered his logical mind and let the Chairman die.

Ji Won was sure something went wrong with his father when he could no longer reach him via phone. He called his sister but she was out and does not want to be found out by her brother, so she lied. She told him their father was already sleeping soundly in his room. Though she assured him that everything was okay, a feeling of anxiety lingered on Ji Won.

Meanwhile, Baek Eun Do and Sun Jae both pointed guns at each other. Sun Jae knew he was trapped and nowhere to go from there. He had to know why he was used. He was still in denial of what really happened and how he was involved in it. He told Baek Eun Do he knew it was him who killed the Chairman. the irony was that Sun Jae let the man die because he was too afraid to be found out doing something bad for the company. Now he must accept the fact that Baek Eun Do is someone who will save him and the only thing he can do is become his ally or his puppet for whatever purposes this man asked him to do.

There was no turning back the moment he hung up the call from Ji Won. His mistake was so grave that Ji Won would never believe he was innocent in the death of his father. This is the dilemma he now faced.

There was no justification on what Sun Jae did. He did his action based on his own motive. He saved himself first and not the Chairman who treated him like a son. 

But the piece of evidence would soon reveal that something fishy happened in this place and that Chairman died a tragic death because someone murdered him. Sun Jae's conscience will have to bear the consequences of his doings. Seemingly, he chose to harden his heart and not entertain guilty thoughts so he can move on from this unforgivable sin.

Ji Won could not keep still so he called his fiancee, Ma Ri to check up on his father and sister. Ji Won's worries was put aside while he conversed with Ma Ri. He even talked about getting married in Thailand.

It was a surprise to see Sun Jae also going inside the hotel where he is staying. I believe it  belongs to Sunwoo group.
Ji Won gave Sun Jae  a surprise but friendly attack. It was not received with pleasure though. Sun Jae's thoughts are elsewhere and scattered due to what just happened. He was in no mood to play with his friend. Instinctively, he defended himself thinking someone caught him already but it was only Ji Won.

Sun Jae pushed Ji Won so hard the latter bumped himself on the wall. The recording pen fell out of Sun Jae's jacket but it rolled on the floor unseen.

Ji Won saw the blood stains on Sun Jae's sleeves. Sun Jae told him he had his nose bleeding and it seemed Ji Won believed him. He made a fuss about it but Sun Jae dismissed it as if it really is nothing to be concerned about.

Inside his room, Sun Jae realized the pen was missing. Fortunately for him, he found it outside. I guess it was not yet time to be revealing his sins.

He looks at the mirror. I think he is trying to see who this man who suddenly took over his body. Maybe he thinks he is looking at the real Sun Jae. Ha has become someone unrecognizable but on the other side, this is the real him. 

Death of the Chairman was fabricated.
He was put inside a cab/car, made it look like he overdosed on drugs. Officially it was cardiac arrest.
What the assassin really tried to manipulate was that the authorities had found out about the Chairman dealing with drug use, buying it illegally and that's why he overdosed. But the authorities are willing to look over the real cause of death to avoid scandal which Sun Jae must have orchestrated so Ji Won would not delve into the matter more.

This only made Sun Jae appear callous. He never felt remorse for his participation in the murder. He even blame the Chairman for it. Sun Jae's true colors are now coming out.

The perpetrator.

I am still not fully comprehending this man's thoughts. Seo Jin Tak is a trusted man of the Chairman. He let things go out of hand. But I wonder as he stood by, watching all this unfolding before his eyes, what is his own agenda in this conspiracy?

The painful scene in the episode.

No need to elaborate how Ji Won's feelings upon knowing his father died. It was something he could not comprehend. The cause of death was too much to handle and too much to accept. He knew his father well. He knew he would not buy drugs and get himself overdosed. He knew something was not right. He knew someone listened when he called his father and no one answered. Even his sister was heartbroken. She was not ready to see their father lying unresponsive and dead.

He tried to go to the authorities but Sun Jae stopped him. He told Ji Won all the concocted lies to stop him from digging further. In the end, Ji Won said no to doing autopsy.

The light part of the drama is of course these duo who always fight about money. One is always fooling the other. But of course, Khaya would always get her revenge on Meutong for his deviousness.

Ji Won walked around the place where his father was supposedly found dead. As he looked around he saw someone tailing him. It was no surprise considering he is from special force. He evaded the man and hides himself. Then he followed the man and where he went to.

He found himself in a place where goons are. Most ervealing was the presence of the man he remembered as smelling of gunpowder who he met at his father's company. This was definitely fishy! He continued to watch.

While avoiding being seen, he found himself in one of the rooms where he saw a photo of their family. It was an evidence that tells him his father might have been there and was killed in that place. He was putting pieces together to draw the scenario of what happened to his father. He was murdered for sure.

He was found out and had a fight. While escaping he fought another one outside who has a gun. With his skills he was able to get hold of the gun and pointed it at the man but he did not fire.

Ji Won escaped jumping on a speed motorboat.
And the chase began.

Sun Jae learned that Ji Won had somehow found out something about his father's death and now being chased but have yet to be caught. He was so pissed off at the turn of events. It could easily go against him and all his efforts to hide the truth would be in vain.

The action part of the episode is worth watching.
I love chase scenes.
It's exhilarating.
It's exciting.
The scene looks perfectly executed.

Ji Won escaped...

Sun Jae was so agitated while Baek Eun Do was calm.

Sun Jae made it look like Ji Won shot the gun by tampering on the video captured via CCTV.
He made Ji Won a murderer and a fugitive.

News are flashing on tv about a Korean national who killed a guy. He is now a wanted man.

Ma Ri was so distressed. She was looking desperately for Ji Won but Sun Jae assured her. His concerns are genuine because he loves Ma Ri but of course, it also hides his dark side.

Someone was mocking him...
Seo Jin Tak seemed to be finding delight in making Sun Jae nervous but he has yet to catch Sun Jae at his vulnerable moment. As of this time, Sun Jae is wearing a mask and his thoughts and feelings are under control.

Ji Won met Ma Ri

It's sad that they are suffering this kind of intrigues. She trusted him. She was afraid for him.
Their plans are now on hold until everything was sorted out and resolved. They have to part ways for now but Ji Won made a promise to her that he will comeback.

Sun Jae was looking at Ji Won.
Perhaps to betray him too.
To let Ji Won be catch by the police.
Or maybe to know what is Ji Won's next plan.

Well this is the downside of trusting a snake like friend. He revealed his plans to Sun Jae. He also told him about finding out a part of what possibly had happened to his father. That the Chairman was murdered. 
He also told Sun Jae about the man who he met at the company smelling of gunpowder. He asked Sun Jae who those people are who he was chasing then to give back some documents.

Sun Jae denied remembering.

Because he needed a fake identification card he sought Khaya.
I made another post for those scenes...

Khaya and Ji Won's interaction here [gif]

The plan

JiWon will cross the border during market day to avoid being discovered. Lots of people entering and exiting the border on that day Khaya suggested to him for safe leaving.
Khaya followed Ji Won to ensure he would exit without being caught.
They were almost at the gate when Ji Won saw the assassin and unfortunately Ryoon called his name loudly.

Another round of running and escaping happened.

Ji Won was shot while sliding down the ground...
but he was able to escape when a truck came by and almost run him over. He was able to held his hands under the truck as it drove pass by with him.

Another disappointing and irritating news for Sun Jae hearing Ji Won was still at large.
Sorry, your chingu is so good at escaping.

The killer went to Meutong and showed a photo of Khaya with Ji Won. He was asked about it because Ji Won was able to produce fake ID.
Of course, he denied having involved in it.

Khaya looking at Ji Won and finding him there at her place, wounded and needed a safe place to hide.

The story is really good. The twist is something that make viewers feel angry towards Sun Jae. The events are captivating. Again, revenge theme is something that will always get viewers attention to cheer for the hero and heroin of a drama. Vindication is something worth waiting for.

Looking for next episode...


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