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Thursday, January 29, 2015

[GIF] Healer - Bong Soo and Young Shin Moments Episodes 15 and 16

Yes, I got time to make lots of gif, today.

1. love this part...:))

2. who did not feel that warmth inside watching this?

3. and the passionate kiss that followed? finally the moment has arrived for this couple.

4.it was the same when she was first kissed by this man...

5. the morning after cuddle

6. hmmm...he wants to taste that lips again..ottoke???

7. finally he got away with this kiss steal!

8. oh you're so naughty...a jab on your tummy!

9. still can't get enough of you...one more bus stop..jebal?

10. ah so you're Se Jung Hoo? right! let me hit you once..anyo, i need more hits!

11. i miss Bong Soo-ya...

nado.. [mslee1107]

and the beautiful love story just unfolds. 

give credit when taking out photos...:))


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