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Monday, January 26, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] SPY Episode 5 Screen caps Review

This episode is a sad one for our hero Kim Sun Woo. The defector who sought help died in his arms. The culprit, Gi Chul got away. He never even knew who killed the woman. All responsibility fell on him. It's not the responsibility that worries him but his failure to protect the woman and the promise he made to her about her family back in N. Korea. 

I feel his loss and failure as he walked in a trance or absent minded. Yoon JIn called him asking if everything was okay and he assured her that all was well. The scene where he washed the blood stains on his shirt sleeves was heart wrenching. I can feel his remorse for I think he must be feeling that way. "if only" scenarios must be running in his head.

This episode was also a shock to me seeing how Gi Chul slapped Hye Rim twice har across her face! Yup, IO forgot he is a hardcore spy and nothing must come between him and his goals. I just thought that since he said he had something with her in the past, that something would somehow protect Hye Rim from receiving this unexpected lashing. he became too barbaric but then, he is already for the killings he already committed.

Another chance to make Hye rim redeem herself was given. She has to plant a bug on Sun Woo's boss' phone, Song Joong Hyeok. Ultimately, this is really what Gi Chul is after. To hack NIS computers. I wondered if he and Joong Hyeok knew each other and what's the catch between them. 

Like Hye Rim was surprised to realized something was off when Gi Chul had got wind of the operation which she did not tell him but somehow he found out. She looked for bugs on the car she used but found none.

The only place to look for more where Sun Woo frequented was yoon Jin;s place. There she found a phone inside one of the drawers. No other contact names or details except for "mother". Sghe clearly remembered Yoon Jin told her she has no parents anymore. Suspicions grow.

I am now having a premonition about betrayal. How this story will unfold in the coming episodes is what I am eagerly waiting.

I want to congratulate the writer for this fast paced story. I think the writer is doing a good job in laying the details of the story. Intriguing. 


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