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Saturday, January 31, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] The King's Face Episode 21 - Kim Do Chi Unmasked

And I thought I would still wait for the end to see Kim Do Chi and his disgusting face with an evil smile. I thought he would not be unmasked until the very end. I thought it will be Prince GwangHae who will reveal his true color to the King. But no, Eunach Song could not take it any longer. He planned, ensnared and trapped Kim Do Chi with his greedy heart. Eunach Song was able to unmask Kim Do Chi true face.

Gwiin Kim almost revealed all Kim Do Chi's evil deeds in front of the King as a witness for Prince GwangHae but her court lady suddenly appeared as a witness for Kim Do Chi. She was caught off guard and was too weak to state her knowledge. She retracted her words which made GwangHae disappointed and Kim Do Chi won the round.

Since entering the palace, Kim Do Chi has only one purpose, that is to take down the King and to sit on his throne. His pure intention becomes evil and his heart became wayward. He grabbed the power to stay in the palace, aligned himself with Gwiin Kim and plotted to make Prince GwangHae not to be the Crowned Prince. But all his actions so far failed when it comes to GwangHae.

GwangHae is too intelligent than him. Also GaHee is there to protect the Prince which added pain inside his brewing and burning heart. GaHee sees him for who he is, a double faced opportunist.

Kim Do Chi killed the chosen Queen. Eunach Song had a hunched who did it. Secret Book of King's Face became Kim Do Chi's fall. He was so intent on getting his hands on that book that he searched the library. The book was supposed to be burnt as per King's order but the Eunach cared to much for it as a palace valuable things. He switched the book before he handed to the King to be burned.

Eunach Song enticed Kim Do Chi with the book. Kim Do Chi came and his evil eyes sparkled seeing the book. It would be his proof to unseat the King. He plans to revolt. But then Eunach is a wise man. He gave the real book to GaHee and asked her to give it GwangHae at the right time. Then he also asked her to walk outside with the King that night.

It was a trap for Kim Do Chi. The moment he walked in the room where Eunach Song was, GaHee and the King were both in the other room listening. The revelation came. What Do Chi lied about in front of the King when GwangHae named  him as a pupil of Jung Yeo Ri, he admitted to the Eunach.

When the Eunach told him he does not deserve to have the book, Do Chi aimed his blade on the old man and stabbed him. He would kill the Eunach right there and then but the soldiers came in followed by the King and GaHee.

Kim Do Chi was unmasked!

The betrayal is painful for the King. Well, I am not a fan of the King so I think he deserved every moment of these. Kim Do Chi fooling him, Kim Do Chi making fun of him and Kim Do Chi telling him he would have been a King.

The King was enraged! He ordered a beheading for Kim Do Chi!

I think this is the moment I have been waiting for. To see this villain in this situation. Look how he did not even have  a remorseful heart. He was to blinded by his greed and evil acts. Until this moment, he was mocking the king...laughing...sarcastically and strong even in his tied arms. Got to say that this man is frightening. Crazy and lunatic.

2 more episodes next week and I am looking forward to see Prince GwangHae succeed in all his endeavors. Will I see the King finally recognize him as a worthy son and Prince?


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