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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Kill Me Heal me Episode 5 Screen caps Review

Just some thoughts on this episode.

I can't help but like Shin Se Gi. I don't know! maybe because he is the stylish one, the volatile one, the strong one and he knows what he likes. He goes for it. Well, he just grabbed uri doctor's hand, Oh Ri Jin. He does scare her at the same time excites her. Unlike the gentle Cha Do Hyun.

Shin Se Gi is on fire, making the most out of the limited time he has. He really likes to surprise Ri Jin. He wants to know who she likes better, him or Do Hyun. Wow, chincha! This man is crazy in love and obsessive over Ri Jin. He does not like sharing. He wants her to take his side.

 For first impression I wrote that this drama did not really impressed me for reasons that it was too loud, to exaggerated and the personalities I thought I won't be able to understand. But surprise, surprise, as the episodes unfold, I am liking the flow of the story. There are still too much secret from the past that has no yet been divulged but I know slowly it will be revealed.

I am really curious as to how Se Gi met the yooung Ri Jin? They had a connection but Ri Jin has not yet remember that particular time. It was a mystery to Do Hyun. Learning that Ri Jin is Se Gi's first love is a new revelation.

Okay, the kiss at the park. 

Se Gi has sure soft side when it comes to Ri Jin. He can control his violent and impulsive nature but be sweet and romantic to her. He can make a beautiful event like kissing her softly, full of emotions. I like that Ri Jin is also into Se Gi. She may be scared of him if he turned mad but there is a part of her that feel something for him, even her heartbeats are pounding.

But reality sucks! Well, for Se Gi, that is. To have that beautiful moment taken away from him while he was kissing Ri Jin, Do Hyun appeared and took hold of his body again, finding in surprise that he was kissing Ri Jin. All emotions ran inside him. A tear fell on his face. Why? What does it mean?

The fun part of watching this drama is the blending of comedic parts in the story. How Do Hyun becomes confused at his heart's fast beat. Then in a blink of an eye, there you see Perry Park whistling and dancing as he won over the body of Do Hyun. The changes into Perry is crazy fun. Love the groovy side of him. And the style is seriously cute? LOL!

Oh Ri On met Perry Park in the plane, so he knows him. But I think as he is studying all about Cha Do Hyun, he already knew he has DID. The part where Perry went to seek the place of Ri On and then finding Do Hyun wanting badly to appear was so fun. Perry did not want to let go, even curse for the short time he had, not even finished playing, but he disappeared.

I laughed at the naughty input of the writer, making Do Hyun appear to be doing something bad inside the car as both siblings slowly take a peek, only to be surprised it is Do Hyun and Ri Jin is there. But Ri On called him Perry.

Then when Do Hyun closed the basement door, which can only be opened outside. They were stuck together inside for a while. I think the chemistry of Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum are so nsync that they can make every scene good.

I smiled as Do Hyun's heart began pounding again as Ri Jin's too. Yes, both are wondering why? Ri JIn is getting crazy. She is thinking it must be Se Gi but no it is Do Hyun in front of her. Both are wanting to find out why, as they leaned towards each other for kiss.

By this time I have gathered that Do Hyun is a mistress' son. The wife of his father is a favorite daughter-in-law of his grandfather. Both grandfather and daughter-in-law died in a car accident together. But there was a rumor that another child was born. The question was, who was the father of the child? Was the child a boy or a girl? And where on earth is the child?

I think one of the twins is the child being in question. It can be Ri Jin, and she may not be of bloodline of the family. She may be a child from another man. 

This is intriguing.

So that is why Do Hyun heard from his grandmother how he got to be in the family. He is the male successor that has the same bloodline from his father. His legacy, though questioned and not happily accepted is the company.

Ki Joon is another character I want to study. His motives might look like harsh but why do I see him as a smart and righteous man? I am not sure but I hope I am not blindsided here.

Next will be my thoughts on episode 6. Yes, finally I got the hang of this drama.


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