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Monday, January 26, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] #JjongAh Couple WGM Ep.34 - My Fire and Ice Couple

Our FIRE and ICE couple!

mslee is definitely not getting off the ship while it sails....:))

The cutest wife 

she who never gets tired of making him laugh, of knocking down his ice cold facade and always successful.

The ice prince

he who can not express himself freely, who is always cold but never seems to resist the amazing charm of her, just melts under her aegyo.

When fire meets ice... a combustion of awesome chemistry explodes. 

Unique and totally just JjongAh style.

After all the hate comments and rumors, I thought I would not find the strength to post. But then I realized I am a smart shipper/viewer who knows exactly where reality and fiction ends.

Yes, WGM is only a reality show and should not be taken seriously, but hey, there is no harm in being happy shipping and hoping that interactions within the show will have an effect on my OTP.

But the most important part for me is how Yura and Jjong magnetized a lot of people from different parts of the world because theirs is one of a kind story. Ice meets fire! And as long as they stay in the show, the hope will never ends. 

I did some screen caps this morning to start my week with a smile. The cutest wife ever will always succeed in making him smile. Then I wonder about the cheek to cheek moments of the couple in the game. 

They were so into it i wonder if they really never realized it was a straw and they just want to stay that way, close to each other? lol! it was so easy to make a guess, for the heck of the game but they never even gave it a try!!! gotcha!!!
Or were they feeling each other’s skin and not the straw???? LOL!

Then there's the slight touch on her upper arm when he thought she would be cold in her pretty dress that matches her lip color. Yes, he noticed the color coordination. Nothing escapes him, chincha!

And then the ring scenes... totally cute!

Here, mslee will just enjoy the sail until it reached its final destination. 

JjongAh fighting!

-mslee1107's mantra-

screen caps

added the ring scene

Yes...this small actions will make small step, closing the gaps that still exist between them.

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