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Saturday, January 31, 2015

[Updated] #JjongAh WGM Ep 35 GIF and Preview for ep 36

I am energized to make gif's after watching the episode! Thoughts tomorrow after the subs are out.


Mianhae, I thought I posted the gifs yesterday... but seemed I posted them via tumblr. Here are some that I made.


Love this unexpected/sudden action from Jjong. Ah Young was surprised and she was a bit self conscious she could not even look him in the eyes or laugh off the moment.

EPIC Fail! Heavy Ah Young or Weak Jjong? lol

love Jjong's laugh here... and when he smelled the perfume on her wrist. so intimate.

inside the car...hand massage

hair touching...


Couple nsync...

she was touching his hard abs...

he returned the favor..lol

he said it was.LOL


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