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Friday, March 13, 2015

[UPDATED! JjongAh Couple] Media Photos and Videos of Yura and Hong Jong Hyun @TV Cable Awards 150313

I love awards show! Komowo TV Cable Awards for inviting and giving awards to both Yura and Hong Jong Hyun. And I thought sightings will be next to zero after WGM! Yesterday they both attended the PD Awards 2015, and I was so happy looking at their photos. But now, my expectations were surpassed by these amazing photos and how they were seated next to one another. And take note, Ah Young was looking so beautiful! Photos below.


With Jjong beside her...


150313 2015 케이블TV 방송대상 걸스데이 유라 직캠
cre: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgkkWOOOBq6hNARtYo7YJ8w

Looking HOT and SEXY, and beautiful, Yura or Ah Young of Girl's Day walk the Red Carpet at the TV Cable Awards today.

photos via naver
from various media captures


Hong Jong Hyun is dashing and handsome..

screen caps by mslee1107

And the most anticipated moment of JjongAh!

via twitter / media photos / 

Yhyksk / tidumiiin
[of soompi thread]

Sitting side by side

Wonder what they were talking about? Hmm...Jjong, what you think of her legs exposed and those cleavage for all namjas to appreciate? lol!

I think this is the most daebak news ever after WGM!

Will update this page with more photos...

via twitter as tagged

screen caps and gif
by mslee1107

captured via http://www.meipai.com/media/277149856


Yura arriving at the Red Carpet


Hong Jong Hyun on stage with co star SeungYeon



  1. seeing Jjong and Ah-young together outside of WGM is totally "AWESOME"...

    1. yeah and totally unexpected! I have been shipping for so long now that interaction after a certain project together in a public event with cameras around usually is not possible. I have witnessed other "couples" who only stay close together when their drama is being promoted in another country or during awards show where their drama is nominated. but his is the first time I see a couple who right after their show ended, still sat beside each other in an event where they do not represent their drama or in JjongAh case, as virtual married couple. Usually, they will talk to media about staying friends after the show but no sightings together. So JjongAh is really something and unique.:))