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Sunday, March 8, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] The Legendary Witch Episode 39 Screen caps Review


While being investigated by the Prosecutor, Do Hyun who confessed to the embezzlement collapsed suffering from cerebral aneurysm. He was rushed to the hospital and in critical condition. The doctor would not operate on him because it was already too late.

This is the consequences of the sins of Chairman Ma for his greed and lies. His righteous son could not let an innocent man like Woo Seok suffer the same fate Soo In suffered 2 years ago. He might have issues with Woo Seok on a personal level, but his conscience won't make him that vindictive.

The family rushed to the hospital. Chairman Ma cried and begged Do Hyun to live. Do Hyun woke up and asked for Soo In. His noona, Joo Ran was frustrated with him for still asking Soo In but she had no other option but to let Soo In come.

Soo In cried seeing Do Hyun at the hospital. Do Hyun already accepted that he will soon leave. He was thankful that he had a second chance to see Soo In again. By this time he knew she has Woo Seok by her side who will protect her. 

There were flashbacks on how they first met and he fell in love with her. Those memories made him happy and will be with him forever.

Do Hyun passed away. The family cried. Soo In cried. Somehow, she felt guilty for hurting him when she chose Woo Seok. On her way home she met Woo Seok. She gave him back his ring. She told him to forget her. Woo Seok told her he would wait, but she was so emotional and she stood firm in her decision.

Woo Seok went to see Chairman Ma with the documents mailed by Do Hyun just before he went to the Prosecutor's office. Those documents will prove his innocence. Do Hyun also wrote a letter for him about Soo In. In the end, Do Hyun realized Woo Seok should be the one to take care of Soo In. Perhaps he knew that he has not recovered completely and that soon, he will die.

But Chairman Ma continues to act shamelessly. Do Hyun's sacrifices meant nothing to the old man. He arrogantly told Woo Seok that the case was already closed because Do Hyun who confessed to the crime died. Woo Seok vowed to make Chairman Ma pay for his crimes.

He and his lawyer submitted more documents that will open the case for investigation. The crime 30 years ago is also in the process of filing for a re-trial. There are new testimonies that will be presented to challenge Chairman Ma's testimony regarding Bok Nyeo.

The drama is reaching it's climax. Soon the Ma family will all go down. Joo Ran is afraid of being dragged in the investigation of the 2 men she always commissioned to do dirty jobs for her. Her past actions against Soo In will soon be revealed. Then there is Joo Hee who copy Soo In's and Magic Bakery's maple bread. The women of Magic Bakery had had enough of SHINHWA. They marched to the company asking to see the one behind the production team. Their bread are being sold much cheaper than Magic Bakery which can damage the business again. Besides, Soo In applied for the patent already but it has not been granted.

Young Wok threw eggs on both sisters. She is tired of their messing around with her business. I like how she remained the most feisty in the group. The securities for the company were ordered to take them outside. Soo In and the rest are not going anywhere. They witnessed Chairman Ma being escorted by the Finance Investigating Team. Soo In and Chairman Ma locked eyes.

There were reporters in the scene outside the SHINHWA building. Young Wok took the opportunity to air their story about how SHINHWA steals their maple bread which already received an award before they applied for patent. The reported swarmed them for exclusives.

Soo In received a summon to the Prosecutors office. She was a bit scared and confused. She met Chairman Ma inside the interrogation room. She will be a witness against Chairman Ma. her case 2 years ago is also attached to the current case.

This is the final face off. Chairman Ma's downfall is nearing. Ma family will soon have a taste of what they have done to innocent people, particularly Soo In. I hope I will see justice in the end. 

I think next episode is the final one. The preview is interesting. Someone is getting married. I wonder who?


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