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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Shine Or Go Crazy Episode 15 Screen caps Review

The drama's twist is unexpected. This could turn the game in a new way.

Se Won could possibly the lost brother of Shin Yool. Wang Wook knew about Shin Yool's past and now learning that Se Won had lost his mother and sister a long time ago, he could be suspecting that these two might be siblings.

The brilliant irony was that Se Won was tasked by Yeo Won, whom he loves, to get Shin Yool. He did as he was told. He ran away with her on a horse while Wang So ran after them but could not catch up.

This could alter the situation if truth will be revealed and realized. A choice between family or love. Then another interesting part is that Wang Wook had in his possession the antidote Yeo Won was keeping. He was cautioned to use it only in critical moment. This is another anticipated outcome. He had with him a very useful weapon to make a decision that will either benefit him or make him see lose a great deal.

I have said previously that Wang So had somehow discovered Yeo Won is the source of poison when she used it to Cheon Ok. But he has yet to find out that she has anything to do with the King's illness. Shin Yool and Yeo Won made a deal. Actually, Shin Yool was the one who demanded. Cover up her marriage to Wang So in exchange for the truth the Yeo Won was poisoning the King. Shin Yool asked for the antidote and that the matters be buried forever.

But Yeo Won is not even scared. She schemed again, finding someone who can copy Shin Yool's writings. Not sure how it will affect the company with the ledger that Yeo Won gave to Sik Ryeom. By this time, Shin Yool was firm in her decision not to choose Wang Wook's side because of free labor that he wanted to impose. The ledger and the copied writings, Yeo won had convinced Sik Ryeom that he would be able to own the company with that documents.

Yeo Won has her own agenda. I think she was feeding Sik Ryeom what he needed only until she is capable of snatching everything from Sik Ryeom. I still believe she will make Wang Wook a king, being his sister.

The eunach has now learned that Shin Yool has a star on her wrist and that she married Wang So that day that the polaris shine the brightest. He told her to protect Wang So and help him become the next King.

The drama is getting more complicated.


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