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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] SPY Episode 16 Final Screen caps Review

Final Thoughts

I have so much expectation from this drama when I watched episode 1. The writing is good and there was enough excitement and tension in the story that is about espionage. The plot seemed brilliant, but along the way, the execution did not deliver what I expected in a supposed to be tensed and action drama like this one.

There were some scenes that took more time than should not be. I understand how k-dramas are more into tackling emotions but then it hinders the action and the momentum of  certain scenes, leaving them weak and unnecessary. I had hoped this would be like Iris or Athena: Goddess of War level, but honestly I was disappointed.

Well, the climax comes when 2 opposite groups met with Sun Woo in the middle holding the coveted hard drive which contains bank accounts in Macau. There were gun shots exchanged and fortunately, Sun Woo was not wounded. Joong Hyuk who promised him that his family would be safe after he gets the hard drive fooled him. But Tae Hyun was a witness and though his alliance with Sun Woo was already discovered by Joong Hyuk, his recorded conversations were heard by Deputy Jung.

Joong Hyuk ran away from the scene only to be cornered by NIS dispatched by Deputy Jung. He was killed by one of the agents. Hyun Tae was too late to realized it. They had history together in the agency and although they have different views and principles, still Joong Hyuk was a colleague.

While Gi Chul shot Sun Woo when he did not gave him the hard drive. The wound won't kill him but enough to make them escape from him with his mother, Sung Hye. Gi Chul is clearly obsessed with her. He loves her despite her repeated betrayals.

Yoon Jin went to track Gi Chul and his team. But later, she met with Sun Woo who got out of the ambulance to chase Gi Chul and get the hard drive back. He needed it to make his family safe. His father and sister are currently detained in their house with agents guarding them. Deputy Jung was becoming impatient with the hard drive and if it will not be in his hands, the case that led to Joong Hyuk's death should be covered and Sun Woo's father has no other choice but to confess as a spy.

Both Sung Hye and the right hand man of Gi Chul were wounded. They had to go somewhere to get treated. There was a building which looked abandoned. A doctor treated their wounds. Other members of the teams betrayed Gi Chul but his right man who he called dongsaeng shot them. Gi Chul thought he had his support but he turned his gun on him. Betrayal everywhere for Gi Chul.

Gi Chul killed him. Sung Hye took the opportunity to ran away with the bag containing the hard drive. She was able to ran outside. Yoon Jin saw her and ran after her, too. But Gi Chul caught up and stab her with the same poison he used with her friend whom Sun Woo used as a bait for Gi Chul. Sun Woo heard everything on the phone. He thought of the antidote and luckily he had it with him. He found Yoon Jin and injected her with it. He left her, chasing his mom.

Gi Chul almost caught Sung Hye but she was able to hide from him. Sun Woo appeared. Gi Chul pointed his gun on him. Sung Hye ran towards her son to receive the shot Gi Chul fired. Sun Woo was able to fire back at Gi Chul. 

With Yoon Jin, Sung Hye was rushed to the hospital for surgery. Agents came by and surrounded Yoon Jin. Sun Woo found Gi Chul at the harbor, lying, already dead. His wound was so severe he lost all his energy to escape. The irony or the sad part, as he die, he probably reached for his wallet and took out Sung Hye's photo.

Sun Woo went to the hospital and gave the hard drive to Hyun Tae. His family was there. They embraced each other.

Months passed. Sun Woo is working in a regular company. His mother has recovered. They are planning to move into a new home. His friends Hyun Tae and Eun A came to greet his mother a happy birthday.

The ending was a bit dull. He went to meet someone as instructed by Hyun Tae. Yoon Jin appeared in a pink dress, fully made up. 

I just hoped that the fast pace of this drama continued until the very end. Somehow it dragged towards the last 4 episodes. As for the romance, I understand if it is lacking because this is supposed to be an action drama, still...

Anyway, best leave to the viewers like me the positive atmosphere between Yoon Jin and Sun Woo. They will definitely have a second chance at love.

I can't help but be disappointed.  But the veteran actors like Bae Jong Ok, Yu Oh Seung and Jo Dal Hwan are amazing. 


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