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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Shine Or Go Crazy Episode 14 Screen caps and GIF Review

The real villain in the story might not be Wang Sik Ryeom after all but Princes Hwang Yeo Won. Her style is deception, silent yet deadly. Unlike Sik Ryeom who is well known to have conflicts with the King, Yeo Won has been doing her share but the most effective yet of poisoning the King unknowingly.

It's brilliant how Shin Yool was the one who discovered this treacherous doings of the Princess. Wang So was not even suspicious of his wife until he was faced with one of his people, Cheong Ok who was going to steal the bronzed peices which were part of a puzzle that contains the real culprit who vowed to kill the former King. Cheong Ok had to get the bronzed pieces and give to Yeo Won to save her sister who was also poisoned when she drank the tea. There is an anti dote in Yeo won's possession.

It's really intriguing how far Yeo Won would go and whose hand she won't let go. Wang Wook despite his differences with Wang So or his rejection from Shin Yool is still there to protect Shin Yool. I think that Wang Wook's future decision is going to be very much anticipated. Will he be on the villain's side or will he fight his battles according to what is right?

Shin Yool has been evading Wang So since Yeo Won issued a threat on her and her company.  A slight warning to stay away from Wang So. But then Wang So felt her growing distance and he could not let her be even if he realized that she is scared.

It is a smart move on Wang So not to let Yeo Won know that he already discovered her schemes. At the end of this episode, Shin Yool who got herself a bracelet made from a certain kind of jewel/gem which can block the effects of the poison [I hope I am right in my understanding] went to see Yeo Won who again told her to leave and stay away from Wang So. Yeo Won's eyes were drawn to her wrist wearing the bracelet as Shin Yool drank the tea she offered.

Will she live or die?

Two strong women. One is greedy, the other has a pure heart. One holds Wang So by virtue of Royal marriage, the other one makes Wang So shine by marrying him.

A story of fate.


screen caps

she discovered about the poison

The King almost lost his sanity but Wang So had gotten through him and asked to let him by his side.

Sik Ryeom is now openly challenging Wang So.

Wang So is missing Gaebong.

Shin Yool found the one who knows about the gem.

Yeo Won's greed is hurting innocent lives.

The three working on the project. Shin Yool is not choosing either side. She is a business woman.

Shin Yool's brother locked the storage room. Both Wang So and Shin Yool was fooled to enter it.

more screen caps

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