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Thursday, March 12, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Shine Or Go Crazy Episode 16 Screen caps Review

My instincts were right. Se Won was Shin Yool's brother. I am just glad that the secret was not dragged. It could be called blessing in disguise that Se Won kidnapped Shin Yool. Through this he was able to learn that she was his lost sister.

He brought Shin Yool to a hideout where Cheok On was also brought the first time when she was poisoned by Yeo Won. Yeo Won clearly wanted Shin Yool out of the picture. She was not settling for her to just leave the capital but she wanted her killed. 

The people at the company were surprised at the sudden invasion of government officials. One of them had placed the fake ledger and a letter that Yeo Won had ordered made in Shin Yool's copied writings inside Chunghae. They were being charged of having double ledger, thus not paying proper taxes.

Prince Wang So who witnessed Shin Yool's kidnapping tried to ran after her but he lost her. He went back to Chunghae and that was when he realized that Sik Ryeom could be behind this.  Chunghae would be put into another company which was Sik Ryeom's. He told with authority to the officials to stop what they were doing but they were not following him. He made Shin Yool's brother not to sign any documents until he came back with Shin Yool.

Prince Wang Wook had learned what happened to Chunghae. He confronted Sik Ryeom. He was told that Shin Yool was kidnapped. Sik Ryeom told him he did not order for Shin Yool to be killed but his sister Yeo Won did. The question would be whose side Se Won would follow. Even if Wang Wook was concerned for Shin Yool's safety, his greed to be the next King made him offer himself as a dummy King for Sik Ryeom. 

Wang Wook went ot Chunghae. Baek Myo trusted and favored Wang Wook more than Wang So. She told Wang Wook how Shin Yool should not spent the night outside because she would die of cold. She told how she saved Shin Yool when she was dropped in icy water when she was just a baby. She gave Wang Wook the medicine. He promised to find her.

Wang So found the hide out of Yeo Won. But Shin Yool was not inside when he came. Just at that moment, Shin Yool tried to run away form Se Won who was tasked to kill her by Yeo Won. She ran but she was losing her energy. Se Won caught up with her. He took his long sword and pointed it at her. Shin Yool thought she would die, she took out her necklace with the half of the butterfly she gave Wang So. I think that necklace was something that came from her mother because Se Won recognized it. He asked her if she was born inside the palace. He had already heard her story about losing his brother and mother and perhaps killed by Khitans.

She nodded weakly. Her life depends on her answer. Se Won had a flashback of his past. He was suddenly filled with mixed emotions. He staggered a little after realizing the truth that Shin Yool is his sister. He left her. She lost consciousness. Wang So found her. He took her in his arms as he tried to wake her up. Wang Wook appeared. He gave the medicine. Wang So put it inside her mouth. 

Wang Wook blamed Wang So for what happened to Shin Yool. Wang Wook told Wang So that he should have settled with his sister. Wang So carried Shin Yool and took her home. Wang Wook remained there. Se Won appeared again. He asked Se Won where his loyalty lies. If there is another reason why he did not kill Shin Yool.

This is actually a good twist in the drama. Se Won would be torn between his love for Yeo Won and his longing to know Shin Yool who is his sister, his only blood relative.

Wang Wook betrayed Shin Yool and Chunghae to protect her from Sik Ryeom. He kept it from Shin Yool even if she hated him for his betrayal. He told the officials that the ledger is not fake.

Wang So met with Yeo Won. He told her how he thought she was human but realized not. Yeo Won mocked him for his ignorance about royal families. She told him that while he was being exiled to a mountain, those that stayed inside the palace killed each other to survive like a beast. She also said that the current King killed her brother who was also King then. That Choong family has been fighting against Hwang family  all these years.

But Wang So told her that he won't devour his brothers just to be a King. Yeo Won replied by saying that she tried to kill Shin Yool to save him.

Yeo Won's path of achieving her dreams won't be justified as long as she harms people. She might have been one of those casualties in the fight for power, still her means are wrong and evil. I wonder if she will stay the villain in the drama. She is good but now that she is already exposed, will she proceed?

Wang Wook will be the wild card in this drama. He has the antidote. He likes Shin Yool. He detest Sik Ryeom but he is using him to be a King and to protect Shin Yool. I think in the end, Wang Wook's decision will have great effect in Wang So and Shin Yool's safety.


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