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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] The Legendary Witch Ep 40 Final Screen caps Review

The story has come to it's ending. It gave a happy and justified ending.

After more than 30 years, the Chairman of SHINHWA Group got what he deserved for all his deceptions, lies and manipulations of the truth. He could not get away from the embezzlement charge because all documents pointed towards him. Even the company was entrusted to Woo Seok as final will of Ma Do Hyun. But what Woo Seok like is to return as a simple chef because it is where his passion lies. He did not accept the offer to be the next CEO of SHINHWA. Instead he suggested the company choose or hire someone who will lead the group in a clean management for a fresh start.

After the Woo Seok left SHINHWA, he decided to go to Paris. Soo In did not attempt to persuade him not to go. I think this is the best for them. To let time pass and heal the wounds for a better start in the future.

Ma Joo Hee apologized publicly for her wrong doings and decided to resign and went abroad. 

She said her goodbyes to Woo Seok like the old times when they were good friends. 

Joo Ran got what she deserved. She was charged with stealing the food truck of Soo In. She begged Soo In to forgive her once more but I am quite satisfied that she did not gave in. Joo Ran would never learn her lesson if she got away scot free. Even inside the prison, her annoying personality was visible but then she was like a trapped mouse when her cellmates bullies her. 

I like how Young Wok still have a heart to visit her. I know it was her way of getting satisfaction seeing Joo Ran kind of lost and pitiful but then, she gave enough tips for her to survive inside the prison which Joo Ran dismissed to preserve what's left of her dignity. Soo In paid back her dues by teaching inside the prison about baking.

It's heartwarming and heart tugging to see Aeng Ran coming to visit the first madame alone in the house. She decided to take the old woman and take care of her. They visited Chairman Ma inside the prison. By this time, the old man was already in remorse of all the things he did. He was thankful that Aeng Ran was there for his wife. He also told them that he is ready to change his testimony 30 years ago about the crime and conviction of Bok Nyeo.

A year passed.

Poong Geum has twins already. Do Jin is back at SHINHWA. What's left was for the old couple to get married. They all decided to rush the wedding in secret. Young Wok put on a tantrum hearing about it they promised she will have her own wedding and will be more beautiful next. Hearing that, Young Wok's angry burst subsided and joined the discussion and planning. It will be in Jeju, disguised as a family trip. Woo Seok is still in Paris but no one likes to bother him.

What's funny is when they told the couple about the wedding, Bok Nyeo was once again hesitant then Young Wok told her she will be the bride then. lol! This ahjumma is chincha, chincha fun. She loves to get married.

Well, I always trust in Young Wok to bring the unexpected and the fun in the drama. The wedding is beautiful. 

Woo Seok came in just in time for the bride to walk the aisle. Yes, courtesy of Young Wok. I love the surprised look of everyone particularly Soo In. It brings all the romantic feelings. The way she smiled contentedly and shyly as he greeted her.

A beautiful picture of this big family in a wedding photo.

And of course, the happy reunion of lovebirds in this drama. Their journey from the beginning were fond memories that will always be treasured. Soo In gave him back both rings to be put again on her ring finger and on his.

Then the kiss.

After sometime, the guilty verdict on Bok Nyeo was declared not guilty. Her name now is clean. 

Young Wok started an office about matchmaking.

They are the legendary witches. The 5 strangers whose fate crossed inside the prison.

Friendship binds them because of their past. They all got their dreams. The sad memories fade away. They are as strong as ever.

I enjoyed watching this drama. From episode 1 it was already a story that compelled me. There is justice in the end. I just thought that the episode was a bit of a rush as they wrapped up the drama. I have to be satisfied with the downfall of Ma family. At least there was acknowledgment of their mistakes.

And of course, the OTP. Their love story is sweet and beautiful.

For all the visitors who drops by to read or see my screen caps. thank you. See you again in another drama.

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