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Thursday, March 12, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF + Screen caps WGM JjongAh Final Moments As Virtual Married Couple Part 1

As I write this post, I am still not ready to make this last review of the final episode of WGM JjongAh cut. But I guess I have to make this. I have been re watching the episode for the nth time since Saturday right after live streaming. The feeling is surreal.  The episode which showed their night together at Nami island was amazing and the level of comfort was so natural that anyone watching would certainly think the best is yet to come. They were playing like 2 kids but at the same time like lovers who were surrounded by so much sexual tension which made them aware of each other but trying to control showing more because of cameras focused on them. The playfulness was so cute. Even Jjong could not hide how his eyes followed Ah Young's every move as if fascinated with her and her beauty. He liked to drive her nuts, make fun of her, make her annoyed because these things also gave him that satisfaction that normally a lover would feel seeing how his other half reacted to those kinds of flirting.

Eating and feeding each other will always be a favorite scene of JjongAh.

 But in this episode, I knew so many were cut because of time limit. And that makes me until now, disappointed of how that episode was rushed to reached it's end. Huge disappointed is my decent way calling it while inside, I felt growing anger which I tried to assuage for the sake of my sanity. Hilarious, right? That a mere program and couple could make me feel this way. But indulge me for this is how I am dealing with withdrawal symptoms pertaining to WGM and JjongAh couple. I am still in state of denial, that come Saturday, there will be new episode to watch and Jjong and Yura will fill the screen.

Back to the episode...

This couple love games.

The compatibility test between Jjong and Ah Young was almost perfect if not for the cat that she adores and have. Jjong of course love dogs,  Haerong is his pet. They both like color black and  fried food.

Dukbokki Game

Go Stop Game

Jjong was fascinated by Ah Young's charisma as she shuffled the cards

 I love a certain action of Jjong after their Go Stop game.

He reached for a big biscuit, put it in his mouth, touching his lips maybe trying out if it would fit in. Then that same biscuit that had just touched his lips he put in Ah Young's mouth. I think that gesture is intimate and some would call it indirect kiss? Jjong made that action, unknowingly because it was what his subconscious was trying to tell him to do.

Of course, the jacuzzi was where most skinships, teasing and flirting happened.




JjongAh couple are always in sync and beautiful when they are in water. Anything unexpected can happen, usually romantic. She massaged his shoulders and his legs. Any normal man would have felt something in that situation and I won't give details about it. You imagine what I imagine. [lol] Then they watched Sixth Sense. I watched that movie a long time ago but I could not recall anymore if there were sexy scenes. Ah Young blocked his vision when she saw something on the screen. Maybe to ease her own embarrassment of the moment. Jjoing just laughed off at her action.

 Typical cheerful Ah Young became restless in the jacuzzi. Her husband Jjong was assumed to be concentrated on watching [who knew] so she started doing things to distract him and play with her. I want to think that Jjong was just trying to be still to avoid opening himself further to camera's scrutiny. That moment had a romantic ambiance and no man could resist a beautiful and sexy Ah Young with him in it.

Then the punishment was availed by Ah Young. Her feet would not touch a floor 3x, according and suggested by Jjong himself. She was piggy backed to the spa, to the bathroom and then back to jacuzzi.

But naughty Jjong pulled another prank on her as he was lowering her on the edge of the jacuzzi. Her hand immediately sought the tile to hold firm and steady, but Jjong had his own idea. He waved her arm back to his front and hoped that she would lose her balance as he sat her. But Ah Young would not let go of him. She clutched his robe and burrowed inside his chest, pleading laughingly to not let go of her. They entangled more as he asked her if she would be good or not.

Their skinship was very much visible and I wonder how each felt at that moment. They had been bolder with their actions maybe because wine helped them to calm their nerves. I have yet to get tired watching those scenes repeatedly.  After settling down, they found themselves lethargic after that [skinship] physical battle of pulling Ah Young's body out of the pool. Jjong called it exercise. Hmmm...I bet!

The movie ended. 

She looked at him at a loss of what the twist was. She looked baffled as she smiled confusedly. The camera had already captured that Jjong was already staring at her face even before she turned to him. They both laughed.

Then they drank the remaining wine. Jjong looked at her then, something in his eyes, maybe his expressions, [maybe he became careless] conveyed his feelings while looking at her, but she misinterpreted it, or perhaps too shy to understand.

Again, they laughed off that moment. They clasped hands to end the jacuzzi rendezvous. Jjong said his body was hot. I think this kind of remark says a lot to what was actually happening between them in that particular moment.

Should I make a guess why the interview showed they have the same outfit since Nami episode was shown? I think right after Nami, they were asked to film in their house. I believe that they did not really anticipated the end coming. Then the interview were done a day after they said their goodbyes. I have already commented previously that Ah Young looked sad in the interview of Nami filming. So I think the production team just made the interview done in one sitting.

How can I describe their last moment?

[screen caps and gif for this will be on Part 2]

Ah Young was teary but I applaud her for keeping her composure that moment in front of the camera. The sadness was real. So was Jjong's. I could guess that he was uncomfortable dealing with that reality, and because he is Jjong, he tried to act awkward instead of letting anyone see his own sadness.

As they relive each memories, I was dismayed that those precious time were wasted with so many flashbacks. They could have used it in a much cooler way of ending their virtual marriage. They could have done differently, enjoy the rest of the day with going somewhere, maybe to eat, feed each other to add more to the countless memories they already have. Then part ways in the most coolest and fun way to make the feeling of sadness gone even if temporarily.

I had hoped they did a video message to each other using their phones that they can watch or play again and again long after they parted, in the silence of their own room. But these are only useless wishful thinkings of a shipper. 

Making screen caps and gif is tough for me. I know once I am done with this episode, there are no more new videos to scrutinize and capture. This is the last. But I will share their moments. They are precious. The only real memories a shipper will have with JjongAh couple.

I know, once in a while they will be reminded of each other. Yes, this was probably work for them, but I know that even actors who finished filming a certain drama or movie had hard time coming back to reality and shedding off their character. What's more if they are "acting" as themselves?

This is my 4th ship. Ah, chincha! When will I learn? But then, I had a nice time and a good laugh while it lasted. It's enough.

I think these two will have a great future and career. They have gained so many followers through this show. I became her fan. I became his fan.

Not sure if this is going to be my last post, but I promise to make another FMV.

Part 2 will be posted in the next few days.

this is mslee1107

a JjongAh shipper!:))


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  1. And i'm so looking forward for the part 2.....thank you so much

    1. thank you for leaving comments. will post maybe tomorrow...:))