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Monday, April 13, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] ] Shine or Go Crazy Episode 23 Screen caps Review


As the story nears it's end, Wang So has realized he has to take responsibility for his people to protect them. The King also pondered heavily on the writings of the former King which were hidden behind a layer of paper which states that he abdicate the throne for Wang So to ascend and make Goryeo live a thousand year.

Wang So and Eun Chun with Gil Bok found their way to the capital while avoiding being caught or face to face with Poong's soldiers. At the capital Wang Sik Ryeom is already preparing for a riot which will start at ChungHae village. He sent his men undercover to spread false rumors and to kill one of the villagers to create havoc and fear which will set off the chaos Sik Ryeom hoped for,

Shin Yool's health is deteriorating and she can't even take medicines. It was as if she had given hope. The only optin the doctor has is for her to go to the cold creek and submerge her body to neutralize the warmth and cold inside her at just the right amount of time then she will take the medicine. Baek Myo fears that Shin Yool will not be able to make it if she went to the cold creek.

Wang So found out that ChungHae trading company is close and in mourning. He called for Gaebong but she is nowhere. He saw the others gathered inside with Wang Wook and no one is saying anything to him. He learned that Gaebong died by an assassin's hand ordered by Sik Yeom. Wang So lost his mind and wanted to confront Sik Ryeom but Wang Wook stopped him.

As he stayed inside Gaebong's room, he realized that the room is too clean without a speck of blood. he then went to her things and saw the other half of the butterfly necklace inside. He then calculated that she is still alive and hiding. But Wang Wook told him her health is not good.

Wang So went to find Shin Yool. At first she does not want to face him but he convinced her that it does not matter however she looks because he loves her. They embraced each other tightly as she cried in his arms.

Princes Yeo Won is doing her duty to help Wang So by recruiting nobles to be on their side and trust Wang So.

I have some thoughts on this. It seems that Shin Yool will survive and Wang So will ascend to the throne. How will their relationship be after he becomes a King if there is Princess Yeo Won as his legitimate wife? Will the plot of the drama about one woman leaving and will be a light of another country still be the outcome of the story?


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