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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Falling For Innocence Episode 3 Screen caps Review


There are lots of memories between Dong Wook and Soon Jung that started since both were young. When kids were afraid to befriend her because her father was the VP of Hermia, Dong Wook came and extended his hand to her. Since then they share not only friendship but it developed into a beautiful romance. Guess he was her first love as she was his. Now that Dong Wook died, Soon Jung is carrying on with her life. She always think of Dong Wook's words about sadness passing by just as happiness pass by, too. The hit and run case involving Dong Wook's death has not been solved and his colleague in the police department Na Ok Hyun can not mourn his death until she figured out who the real culprit is. In the meantime, Soon Jung is staying with her but on the 49th day since Dong Wook died, she will go back to her house.

Who killed Dong Wook? 

It is easy to point fingers to his friend Lawyer Lee Joon Hee who was the last person he was with and had an argument about Hermia and Joon Hee's involvement in creating problems inside the company. Unfortunately, Dong Wook learned Joon Hee's plans and ambition which did not seem right with his principles. Did Joon Hee really stepped on the accelerator and hit Dong Wook that night?

Joon Hee remained to be Chairman Kang's trusted right hand man. But Joon Hee is already in contact with Gold Partners, with Han Ji Hyun. The company Hermia had paid the company of Kang Min Ho without his knowledge because he was recuperating from the surgery that fatefully extended his life with a new heart.

New Life for Kang Min Ho

The theory of cellular memory is somehow being proven in Kang Min Ho's case. He got a new mannerism and a thing for lollipops. Habits that were Dong Wook's. Guess Min Ho received Dong Wook's heart. He also has dreams about the butterfly pin that Dong Wook gave to Soon Jung. He felt his heart constrict or palpitate whenever he sees Soon Jung or when she was being scolded, tears appeared in his eyes.

I wondered since episode 2 if Joon Hee likes Soon Jung when he dropped the medicines in the trash can after she and Dong Wook got engaged. Now that she is single again, he is there for her. He started caring for her needs. He even bought her a new shoes to make her feet comfortable while walking. He even suggested a new house for her to move in but she declined the offer. Now Joon Hee seems to be thinking of her as a man not only as a male friend.

The Company

Kang Min Ho is back in the business. He went to see his uncle at Hermia and interrupted the meeting. he already knew the hidden plans of Joon Hee about wanting to be President of the company while helping him make his uncle bankrupt. But Min Ho is not trusting Joon Hee. He appointed himself as the new Dispatched Director and Soon Jung as his secretary. His uncle although doubting his plans and his true intention agreed surprisingly, letting go of Soon Jung. But she was warned by Chairman Kang that she can not divulge company secrets or she will find herself in the future not being able to work in other companies anymore.

Joon Hee did not see it coming, Min Ho appointing himself as the dispatched director. And he is not happy to see Soon Jung working for Min Ho.

An interesting twist about who drove the white Pride car was revealed. The man whom Joon Hee hid who works at the factory. Is he really the one who hit Dong Wook or was he only the fallen guy?

The ending part of the episode showed that the romance will surely start between Soon Jung and Min Ho. She was coming home while he suddenly appeared in her neighborhood, a lollipop in his mouth and a familiar music playing while she was lost in memories of Dong Wook. He asked why she was there and learned she is living there. Then he saw the butterfly pin on her hair which made him crazy. He was looking for that pin and the owner of it since he was in the hospital because of his dreams of a woman crying and hugging him on the bed.

Suddenly, he grabbed her and tightly embraced her. Has he found the right woman?

The thing with cellular memories is that the shared memories can confuse the person regarding his own feelings. I hoped that this drama is not about it but seems to be the theme of the romance. Well, the sincerity of the feelings will have to be convincing to make a good romantic love story between Soon Jung and Min Ho.

Joon Hee will certainly be the thorn in the romance of Soon Jung and Min Ho. I think Joon Hee is the villain here and his greed will not end. I still think he was the one who killed Dong Wook. It was as if he never lost a friend when Dong Wook died. A pity because I saw how Dong Wook loved him like a real brother.


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