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Saturday, April 18, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Sensory Couple Episode 5 Screen caps Review


A bit of jealousy here for our cheerful Cho Rim seeing officer Moo Gak smiling at his colleague Yeom Mi. Cho Rim's enthusiasm to be with Moo Gak suddenly went down the drain as she turned away and walked home. She indulged in ramen as she watched variety program in TV. Later, Moo Gak called her. She dressed nicely before meeting him. Guess she felt happy seeing him again.

A New Crime To Solve

A new death occurred. A man fell on the rooftop of the building where Chef Kwon's restaurant was located. He was seen standing at the rooftop seconds after the man fell on the car of the detective. Moo Gak ran up the stairs and saw Chef Kwon alone there. No other suspect as of the moment except him. They brought him to the police station to be interrogated. Cho Rim was also there at the restaurant before the accident happened. She was welcomed by Chef Kwon and led to a table. This was ten minutes before Moo Gak and company arrived and the man fell. Chef Kwon was looking at his chef at the kitchen but he could not find the man. He then went upstairs to the rooftop. Someone was hiding behind the door but he did not noticed. He walked further and saw the chef hanging on the rail and just then he fell. He was too late to save the man.

Cho Rim could not believe Chef Kwon killed his staff. She saw a scent on one of the men in the crowd. She suspected that man was unable to follow. At the investigation room, Chef Kwon is not intimidated. He knew he was innocent and looking at the flashback it seemed that he is. Cho Rim was so concerned at his dog that she decided to get it at Kwon's house to keep it company and take care of it until he is released.

Meanwhile the bureau is getting ready to search Kwon's house. Kwon called Doctor Chun and asked a favor about getting a box inside his house because there are some books and documents inside that can be used against him regarding the business. Cho Rim who was there before the doctor noticed the pile of boxes which emits Joo Ma Ri's scents. But then she remembered she was Kwon's girlfriend. One of the boxes was the box Doctor Jung got for safe keeping.

Cho Rim continued her own investigation on the scent she saw at the man in the crowd. It smelled of Japanese mugwort. Her investigation led her to a man passing by who looked familiar. She followed the man. The man then noticed her and turned on her with a suspicious look and brought out a knife. He was not only scaring her, he seemed to be really going to harm her. She ran away from him. He followed her. She was able to call Moo Gak, but the man already found her. He stepped closer with the knife and fortunately Moo Gak arrived. He fought with the armed man but the man was able to flee from the place. She had a wound on her knee. Moo Gak told her not to do it anymore. Because Cho Rim had a close encounter with the suspect, she saw scents on her jacket that came off from the man. It smelled of flowers. She told Moo Gak about it and the team searched for it. Moo Gak told them that the one in the list of possible places to search is a flower shop and they were really surprised. The team went and Moo Gak caught two of them.

The story behind the death of the chef was the man who choked him on the rooftop was someone who always was in drug or marijuana trafficking.

Doctor Chun is cleaning up his office. He is going to a volunteer mission outside the country. He is leaving in three days. he is wrapping up everything. As he emptied his drawers he saw Cho Rim's medical files again. 

Moo Gak had gone to the hospital in Jeju where Doctor Chun worked in the past. He asked about the doctor and learned about a file on Choi Eun Seol that the doctor got. He was surprised because his sister had no medical records or never had a surgery then. But the staff at the information desk was confused. Moo Gak realized there were two Choi Eun Seol that time.

Chef Kwon was released because the real culprit was caught. He asked Cho Rim to have dinner with him to thank her for taking care of his dog and for believing that he is innocent. the two had an enjoyable dinner. He even hired Cho Rim to be one of his worker at the restaurant that she accepted gladly.

Moo Gak was waiting for Cho Rim that night. She arrived a bit late. She told him she had dinner with Chef Kwon. They decided to have soju.  She even received a doll from Moo Gak. She was thinking far ahead about Moo Gak and his feelings for her, she decided to call her friend and asked about it. She disguised her questions as a scenario happening to another friend, but the other already caught her talking about Moo Gak. She immediately ended the call. She went back inside only to see him snoring, fast asleep. The ahjumma owner of the restaurant asked them to leave because he can't sleep there. 

Guess she dragged Moo Gak outside to a bench under cherry trees. Petals were dropping form the trees and one was on his face. She blew at it, face close to him when he suddenly opened his eyes and caught hers.


Too much suspicions on Chef Kwon has already happened and even this last crime, he was found innocent that I think as the real barcode killer, [I do think he really is] he may get away from the detectives radar because of previous wrong accusations or due to having no evidence or proof of the crime.

The box must have contained the missing diaries of Joo Ma Ri but because there was nothing extra ordinary about having her scent on them, they can be overlooked just as Cho Rim did.

I am still intrigue on the reasoning behind the barcode killings or how Choi Eun Seol, Moo Gak's sister was killed if the killer was looking at Choi Eun Seol the witness. I really thought the killer came too close enough to memorize the face at least that time. But I guess the name made the killer confuse and thought there was only one Eun Seol that got into accident that time.

Really getting scared for Cho Rim's safety. Hope Moo Gak realize early that Cho Rim was the only witness to the crime and that he would be able to protect her in time.

Nam Goong Min is creeping me out, chincha!

[mianhae, I keep typing doctor Jung instead of doctor Chun. I already corrected the character name]


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