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Thursday, April 16, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Missing Noir M Epiosde 3 Screen caps Review

Disappearing Act

Another good episode of this drama has been shared. For this second case for our detectives, a Director of a pharmaceutical company has gone missing suddenly. It is not anticipated knowing Ha Tae Jo is currently overseeing and should be preparing for an IR or Investment Presentation amounting to a large money for a new drug research for the company. He has always been diligent when it comes to work. But one night in a freeway, an abandoned car was found after a truck collided with it and it was empty. There were baby foods and snacks and other things for a child's use. 

Gil Soo Hyun was suspicious of the car and how it ended there. He supposed the driver made an illegal U-turn at the free way. It is really confusing why the driver disappeared. Was he kidnapped or did he hide on his own accord?

Ha Tae Jo's wife is not talking. She is being very evasive. They have a child, who just turned one, as detective Oh learned when he visited her in the house. But at that moment, Ha Tae Jo has with him a child of 3-4 years old. He left the child in a motel room to get necessary things for him. He seems to be running out on cash but he won't use his cards in case perhaps he be located. 

Soo Hyun went to thee company to see and talk to the President. Suspiciously, the President is not even anxious if his director did not appear in time for the IR when he is expecting the project to get the investment. He is even asking not to let Ha Tae Jo's case be known publicly until they secured the investment. 

What's the catch?

The child in Ha Tae Jo's possession is the President's child not his. Initially, Tae Jo is suspected of kidnapping the child, for reason's not yet cleared. But Soo Hyun thinks it's weird how the President is staying calm and not alarming the authorities about his child's abduction. Jin Seo Joon found out that the child was gone missing at the hospital where the President's wife is confined. But the President blocked or stopped leaking the information about it. When Soo Hyun confronted him, the President's confidence that his son will be harmed by Tae Jo is high. He even showed him the exact moment when Tae Jo got his son through a video. But then Soo Hyun realized the video was not from a CCTV but someone, maybe a third person had recorded it and then sent it to him.

The case is getting complicated because of the child involved. As the three detectives put their heads together, Soo Hyun analysed how Tae Joo disappeared in his car found at the free way. He had a throw away car on stand by in a resting area. He parked his car in the freeway then jumped over the fence towards the rough road walking to where the throw away car was then used it. It was so that his whereabouts will not be tracked but unfortunately the moment he was supposed to get back at his car at the free way, it already met an accident. Now he is declared missing. I think he has no intention of being a missing person. 

Another route that Soo Hyun and detective Oh found out was going to the Buddhist temple via hiking a mountain. Of course, I like how detective Oh continues to bring humor in this serious and really mind twisting drama. He took the hike while Soo Hyun drove a car. They met at the temple. Detective Oh has that instinct of asking all the right questions while doing his research in the field. A child monk was playing and he asked about a man in the photo if he ever saw. The child monk led him to a place where Ha Tae Jo seemed to have stood and with a binocular focused at a distance. That information made detective Oh think what could Tae Jo be possibly looking for in that area.

Inside, Soo Hyun talked with the older monk. The monk confirmed that Tae Jo has gone there and even seek his advise. Tae Jo is currently having troubles. The  monk uttered words like rust coming from steel and soon eat the steel. Puzzling words but seems the answer is in there.

Detective Oh continue asking the Tae Jo's neighborhood. He found out that a week ago there was a blast in the playground that really startled them. It was like a gunpowder. The detectives have already concluded that sooner or later Tae Jo will ask assistance from someone because of the child in his care. Detective Oh decided to visit Tae Jo's wife again and told her about the abduction of a child and that her husband is the suspect for the kidnapping. The wife suddenly burst out crying telling him it was their story. Their child was kidnapped 8 days ago and Tae Jo is not even reporting it. Now the case has gone seriously complicated. Not one child but two.

It seems that Tae Jo got the President's son because his son  was kidnapped.  Then one of the employee is close to Tae Jo and she even met him. Soo Hyun asked the woman about it but she acted as if she has no idea that there is a child involved.

The climax of the episode came when Tae Jo came back to the motel room and the child is not there. Then a message that the one holding his son is ready for an exchange at a cemetery. He was like crazy looking for the child everywhere. But time is running out. He decided to do some shopping, clothes, things needed by a child and even a stroller. Tae Jo needed something for the exchange. He will let the other think there is a child inside the stroller. But when he went there, he saw a stroller upstairs besides an old couple. But the stroller is empty. A photo of a woman was resting inside. He was shocked to see the photo. It seemed that the person in the photo was familiar to him. Even the old man who saw the photo was surprised. They were just told by someone to stay beside the stroller.

The detectives already knew where to find Tae Jo. They went to the cemetery and ran towards him. Tae Jo got away, even if they tried so hard to catch him.He run away with a truck. 

Soo Hyun and detective Oh think that there is a third person who orchestrated the whole kidnapping case. Someone who is not after money but to see parent's suffering. The woman in the photo was once an employee in the company. She died through suicide. 

I think the case can be connected to the woman who died. Why did she took her own life? Who was this person who got both children? The one who threatened Tae Jo and his wife with the blasting at the playground. Is the President of the pharmaceutical company really not involved in this?

The twist and turns of the case is so confusing at times. I like how both Soo Hyun and Oh works differently. Soo Hyun can put the pieces in this puzzle like case, while Oh's field work always has productive results. I still wonder about the woman Tae Jo met in his car. She seems vague. But the President is also suspicious. He thinks about money in this kind of situation and it is definitely weird. Then there is this one thought that maybe that someone wants to sabotage the IR Tae Jo is currently working on so that the company will not get the investment, for revenge. 

So much to ask....

I feel sorry for the children involved. Looking for the part 2 of this case.


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