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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Falling For Innocence Episode 4 Screen caps Review

I like the drama but... the cellular memory theory I think is playing a big role in the romance part of the story. It is good that Soon Jung and Min Ho [particularly him] are having this weird connections because of Dong Wook's invisible presence, still how can they differentiate their own feelings from what cellular memory contributes?

Random Recap

The Butterfly Pin

Min Ho was bewildered seeing the pin on Soon Jung's head. It was like his dream is becoming a reality but facing Soon Jung makes it somewhat surreal. After he embraced her tightly to remember the feelings he had through his dreamlike state in the hospital, he did not arrive at the conclusion he was looking for. Soon Jung denied having visited her in the hospital. I think what Min Ho has been seeing was what happened to Dong Wook during his final moments at the emergency ward. Maybe she was there crying over him and cellular memory made Min Ho felt that  moment as well now.

Why He Hurts When She hurts

It's weird that Min Ho keeps on hurting and tearing up whenever Soon Jung is hurting. He is wondering if he has gone crazy after the surgery. Even his secretary, Oh Woo Sik calls him crazy. When he closed the car door without realizing that Soon Jung's hands was caught, she cried in pain. There was blood on her hands caused by the accident. He alighted from the car in a trance, looking at her, not really realizing tears were falling already on his face. Soon Jung who apologized through her pains was suddenly still seeing the tears. Both were stupefied by the moment.

Lee Joon Hee 

He continues to act like the next boyfriend for Soon Jung. He went with her to a doctor to look at her hurt fingers. It was like he was officially acting and making her feel secure because she can lean on him anytime. As if he is fulfilling the space left by Dong Wook in Soo Jung's heart.

Because Min Ho decided to act on his own and not made him the dispatched director, there is no trust between them. I can't figure out where will Lee Joon Hee's plans go or if he will stay to be loyal to Chairman Kang. For now, he can't proceed because Min Ho is there to personally sabotage Hermia.

Kang Min Ho versus Chairman Kang

Using Soon Jung to distract the attention of his uncle, he made Soon Jung accompanied a foreigner coming to Korea who pretended to be from another cosmetic brand Fluer Company. As the group were touring the mall with Soon Jung, the real representative of the French brand signed contract with Jinyang's department store with Gold Partners to accommodate the brand which used to be Hermia's sole partner.

Chairman Kang thought that Soon Jung was an accomplice in this matter. Soon Jung already knew that the man she met was not from foreign cosmetic brand but from Gold Partners, still she was not in confidence about the contract signing happening at the same time. Chairman Kang slapped her so hard she collapsed on the floor with both Joon Hee and Min Ho witnessing the  scene along with the chairman's entourage. She was ordered to leave the company. 

Min Ho felt as if he was the one who received the painful slapped seeing Soon Jung in that humiliating situation. And it is because of him that she was punished that way. The misunderstanding about her loyalty to the company was his doing. 

Joon Hee accompanied her outside intending to drive her home but his phone was already ringing. She was grateful enough for his support that she asked him to get back inside and not mind her. He embraced her feeling sorry for her and telling her to wait a little more until he acquired his power to be able to protect her.

Coincidence or Not

Min Ho felt a de javu seeing a logo of a store that he found himself going there. Inside he saw different style of clothing and accessories. The surprising part, he felt shock seeing someone there who seems to be waiting for him.

Min Ho felt he needed to apologize properly to Soon Jung. But she was too drunk when he saw her climbing the stairs on her way home. Next day, she woke up feeling refreshed but no remembrance of what happened the night before or who she met.

As she wrap up with the HR office, she went outside of the company like a free person after a long time. Min Ho saw her walking away so he ran after her. He could not shorten the distance between them not until someone unexpectedly grabbed her as a hostage and waved his hand with a knife. every one in the streets were surprised and scared at what's happening. Na Ok Hyun was already there at the vicinity and saw the commotion. 

Min Ho baited the man with the knife with his expensive watch as he threw it on the air but landed on the pavement. Enough to distract the man from his tight hold on Soo Jung. Min Ho fought with him and was surprised himself at how he can fight with ease and defeat the man.. Na Ok Hyun was like seeing her friend Dong Wook in Min Ho.

Finally, Soon Jung and Min Ho decided to call it quits. But she is not interested to work for him. She left him. Min Ho realized he has not yet given her his gift.

On her way home she received a text about the ring Dong Wook had prepared for her. She went to the store and was told that her friend already took the ring in her behalf. The address was where the house Dong Wook took her. Their dream house. But it was shocking to see Min Ho standing inside the gate. She asked what he was doing there and was answered that it was his house.

Coincidence or not? All the way there, she was remembering all the weird incidence with Min Ho. The ringing tone of his mobile phone, his tears, and now this house. Even the butterfly pin and the lollipop. 

What is happening, seriously?


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