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Thursday, April 16, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] BLOOD - Secrets Revealed

Random Thoughts

Secrets Revealed

Blood is coming to it's end and this week's episodes revealed the remaining secrets that are hidden to RiTa regarding the death of her parents and to Ji Sang, about the true identity of Min Ga Yeon. Even RiTa's friend, So Eun learned that Ji Sang is infected which made her fell into a temporary unconsciousness. But the running joke surrounding this truth about Ji Sang made Chief Jung uncomfortable with his promise to run in his underwear around the hospital if Ji Sang is really a vampire which So Eun already suspected a long time ago. I wish Chief Jung  did his promise if only to inject some humor in this drama that has been focused on the seriousness of the problems caused by the vaccines injected to the ward 21A.

One of the secrets Ji Sang did not anticipate is learnig that Ga Yeon is infected. It was a disappointing realization. He used the perfume that will make any infected persons cough non stop. Even Lee Jae Wook had that reaction coming across with the scent. But Ji Sang being a good soul, reminded Ga Yeon to stay as she is and not change. He thinks she is a caring person and hope she will not forget that side of her, which left Ga Yeon pondering on Ji Sang's words. Ji Sang knew she respected him and like him.

I think J is charming despite his scary actions as a vampire assassin. The creepy doctor who despite Lee Jae Wook's order to stop injecting the patients for the time being, went ahead and even injected the Chairman was found out by the Director. Then the assassins who were dispatched to kill Hyun Woo and steal the VTH 16 files were killed because Ji Sang suddenly went home, contrary to their expectations. Only Lee Jae Wook's right hand man Chul Hoon was able to come back with the file but unfortunately, they were fooled because it was not the VTH 16 file. Everything seems to be failing for Lee Jae Wook, even his men were being killed, trust is getting questionable. He decided to put an end to the creepy doctor's disobedience and sent J to kill him but again, he is not known as the killer biochemist if he would not be able to anticipate this kind of scenario. He was prepared. He was able to inject a lethal substance which he himself created and killed J instead, then flee. A surpirse, although it was something that was already anticipated, still I felt sad. 

Hmmm..maybe because I think his loyalty deserves to be rewarded and I felt that there was still some conscience within. Anyway, his passing away brought total sadness to the three considering they were together for a long time now. Ga Yeon's sadness was mirrored to the other vampire Chul Hoon who had been a hyung to J. But still, he reminded Ga Yeon to be careful and not do hasty things that will endanger her life or be someone that will be Lee Jae Wook's enemy. Lee Jae Wook has already told them clearly that he will not tolerate any betrayal anymore. He seems to be suspecting Ga Yeon of leaking the information about Hyun Woo, thus making Ji Sang hurry home.

The most painful secret that has been revealed is the planned murder of RiTa's parents. Lee Jae Wook who finally track the Chairman who was in hiding after he got the injection was having pains because of the vaccine. This betrayal of going ahead with the injection behind Lee Jae Wook's back made Lee Jae Wook inject a combination of drugs that will numb the pain but will make him paralyzed and will kill him slowly without Chairman realizing it. He thought Lee Jae Wook is only helping him get through with the effects of the vaccines. 

The twist of the story is that Associate Director who found out that Lee Jae Wook killed Hye Rin was given a choice of either siding with him or not live. She was offered to own Taemin. He told her that he is not after money but onyl a place to continue his research. The greedy part of the Associate Director beckons her to grab the opportunity but some part of her conscience is scared of the truth that the Chairman will soon die. Until episode 18 her actions are still somewhat vague. It can go eother directions. Be outright greedy and evil or repent for her grave sins.

The Chairman collapsed and was unconscious. RiTa stayed besides him. She was so mad after learning that her uncle received the vaccine. She slapped Lee Jae Wook. She told him angrily to step outside the room where her uncle is. Ji Sang tried to comfort her and asked her be rational and not be defeated by her emotions. She said to him that perhaps what she was feeling that time was what he felt when he knew Lee Jae Wook killed his parents. RiTa who was packing some clothes at her place got the lethal injection Hyun Woo gave her in case of emergency. She slipped quietly to the doctor's lounge where Jae Wook was resting and almost injected the syringe. He was too fast for her he captured her wrist tightly. Ji Sang arrived after he calculated RiTa's possible actions. The tensed moment passed by as Jae Wook walked away leaving them alone.

I already guessed about the possible chaos happening in the ward caused by the vaccines and the effects on the patients. The infected patients are fighting with one another. Pror to the incidents, Lee Jae Wook told Ji Sang that he is already giving up on the experiments and planning on discharging the patients unless Ji Sang take responsibility and find the cure. It was a situation Ji Sang can't turn away from seeing the mess at the ward. He and Chief Jung have to find out the cure using VTH 16 for the patients.

The ending for this week's episodes was Chairman committing suicide inside the hospital room where he was confined, The truth about how he killed her parents brought too much anguish to RiTa that the Chairman felt there was no reason for him to live. His sorry can not outweigh the evil action he did. The sad part, RiTa loved him and accepting his sincere feelings as love towards her whom he made an orphan is not yet going to happen despite how she feels for him.

Two more episodes and this story will end. I am optimistic that there will be a cure for those infected particularly for Ji Sang to have a happy ending with RiTa. I think the research will come full circle in the hands of Chief Jung and Soo Eun. His father's unfinished work will be Chief Jung's greatest research.

Awaiting for the coming ending.


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