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Sunday, May 24, 2015

[GIF] Warm and Cozy Episode 3 Highlights

Highlights of Episode 3

Geun Woo's restaurant became popular through a blog and because of that he got followers, particularly females. They visit the restaurant to see him and to taste his dishes. Meanwhile, Lee Jung Joo stays at her pathetic house. That night rain come pouring, her luggage getting wet. She tried to fix the roof outside against the heavy rains and the strong winds. Geun Woo became restless in his place knowing that the weather is not good. He went to see Jung Joo, saw her at the rooftop and tried to pull her down. 

Both ended on the wet ground as the roof went flying. Everything is ruined. She stayed at Geun Woo's restaurant. She felt so down and cried. They drank that night. The irony of the situation, next morning she saw a written contract about her owning the restaurant temporarily until she dies. She pays him money in return to pay his personal debt. She could not believe her fortune.

Geun Woo did that because he plans on moving back to Seoul. But then he found out that Mok Ji Won will now be working at the hotel/resort his hyung owns. He tried to get back the money he paid to his sister but he could not get it anymore. Even his credit cards are on hold, his brother's orders. 

He is in a dilemma. He went back to Jeju. He went back to the restaurant. His own place is already rented out to someone else. Jung Joo was confused and asked him he already back out on their contract but he told her not to worry. She will have the restaurant until she lives. Remember he thought she is dying because of some disease.

The most fun in the episode was his hyung who is trying to quits smoking. Actually he already announced that he already quit. Alone  near a river/water he tried to light the cigar but instead fell. He thought he would die. Then there was something, swimming towards him.

Is it a mermaid....perhaps? Anya! It's an ahjumma diver! [lol]

He even got bus fare from her to his humiliation. She is not interested to know him. That night Geun Woo tried to sneak in inside the bedroom where Jung Joo is sleeping. But she would not let him in. He slept outside.

The romance will soon start for this couple.:)) Sharing a roof means intimacy. 

some more gif

Geun Woo who is blindly waiting for Ji Won to give him her time... anytime.

 The contract signing of two people drunk.

A third party who is intrigue by the situation of his boss and current boss...

The first night in one roof...


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