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Friday, May 29, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF #JjongAh The Sweetest Days - Ah Young and Jjongs 1st Year Anniversary

Down memory lane...mslee1107 writes some thoughts.

Yesterday was the 1st year anniversary of JjongAh couple from We Got Married. Shippers and  fans were supporting the date by tweeting and posting memorable photos of JjongAh couple. I posted 2 gif actually yesterday and joined the fun of cheering for the most "real" and cute couple WGM had shown.

I was not able to share some thoughts about it but I promised myself to write some and post some more memorable "first" JjongAh experience. I am very sure that the sweetest memories and days they had done in WGM were the firsts for each other. Emotions and reactions on those escapades were surprising, real and sincere. That's where the fun really is. For this particular post, I just made these gif a while ago. Yup! Freshly made and as I was making them, smiles were plastered on my face.

Basically, this will be about their FIRST of everything as Kim Ah Young and Hong Jong Hyun.

Reminiscing...down memory lane.

The Sweetest Days!

Happy Anniversary Jjong and Ah Young!

Their story...

gif by mslee1107

How to celebrate first anniversary? Look back on their first wedding day. This is how it was for both of them. The awkwardness was very visible but it only made them more adorable and conscious of one another. I think this wedding was awesome because it happened so fast everything they did looked more real then ever.

Remember, this was not a typical drama where they were acting on a role but themselves.

It was nice to look back and see friends from the same industry cheering for both of them. Like they were the cutest and the most suited bride and groom on that day.

Jjong's looking at Ah Young...his hands extending already for their first hand holding...as Ah Young feeling shy.

Every little things they did and felt were reasons why viewers like me suddenly gone crazy over them.

The most gorgeous and beautiful bride and groom of We Got Married..JjongAh couple!

First look towards each other. First forced eye contact..and emotions were so real!

This is the best of all the amazing stares because this was when they were still at the very first stage of getting to know each other. If those eyes could speak, I wonder what would they have said? If their hearts could produce a sound, I wonder how loud would they be?

Even I was melting and still melting watching them doing eye contact, I wonder what was it like then for them?

And so their wedding happened. Like a fairy tale, they started a happy ending. Yes, started because this was just the beginning of the many wonderful memories JjongAh stored for us shippers to look back on and reminisce.


Guess bungee jumping was an odd activity for a honeymoon, but this was were first skinship happened!

Should I write some more thoughts? 

hahaha..I was seriously feeling giddy as I write this blog. Just staring at the gif I made makes me so happy.

Jjong was very attentive to his "wife"'s fears and very patient. Yup, love his patience. He is a man with a few words, a silent namja, introvert, kind of, at the start of this crazy relationship they have in WGM but one can easily appreciate his patience towards our bubbly yet scary [at that time] Ah Young.

Again, another favorite episodes or scenes.

Jjong who was not the touchy type, as he said, was getting bold whenever they were in waters. As if his inhibitions flies away, forgetting getting caught by camera and just letting himself be natural with Ah Young, showing her his fun side.

Fun and sweet side.

first cuddle...

first touch on her hair..

first bold move from Jjong to Ah Young...which he initiated.

I bet I was not the only one who felt the tension...whatever you call it. 
[mslee is making insinuations here..kekekeke]

 innocent Ah Young....was so fascinating to Jjong.

first tease that made her blush...
yup, i think this was his first personal prank on her..
[hope I was right..lol]

First activity as husband and wife..
choosing personal stuffs for their home.
Only in WGM they have experienced this kind of first as themselves. 

and some more awkward, but lovable moments...

One of the amazing moments in WGM. 

I can not describe this scenes because they speak well for what they are. The moment was like a painting. Timeless.

Jealous Jjong. Naughty Ah Young!

How could he keep his emotions in check when the moment was suddenly there? He could not escape even if he wanted to, to hide his facial expressions. It was unexpected. It surprised him. The only thing he could do was bear the moment with forced smiles.

Aw! Poor husband! First glimpsed at how he feels.

Somewhere down the road, little by little, the awkwardness lessen. 

They got more comfortable. And I swear that couch was a witness to all the sweet and romantic moments Ah Young and Jjong did on and off the camera.

And oh, let us not forget the bed!

There were lots more that happened on that bed. [naughty..naughty thoughts you have there!] I mean, like these activity they did, putting tattoo on each other and then some massaging on each other...

This was also the continuation of more comfortable skinships between them.

I think this was an episode which I repeated more than 5 times watching. I love this moment when Jjong was more careless of his feelings and you could feel that he finally decided to let go what's keeping him from being romantic towards her.

As if it was so natural for him to be this way to her.

Love how he finds her cute...

Guess he thought he got a lovely cute and innocent wife.

I forgot to post the bed scene after this scene, their first bed scene together, like spending the night. But then, I think I have enough gif.

I hope that as I reminisce, you also feel what I felt. 

Overdose of romance. The sweetest days. Memorable first.

Again, happy 1st anniversary JjongAh couple!

this is for all JjongAholics around the world....

and this is me, mslee1107, a certified shipper.

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