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Sunday, May 24, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF - Warm and Cozy Episode 4 Review

Some thoughts...

Geun Woo and Jung Joo are like Tom and Jerry. There are times they jive then there are times they bicker like children. Then there is the Mayor who surprisingly, I find has a cute chemistry with Jung Joo. I love the way he seemed scared of being paired up or rumored with her. He is also afraid of being caught as the sexy man in the poster of lingerie. And of course, Geun Woo keeps on waiting for Ji Won who I think only begins to be interested in him just because she saw a woman inside his car. I am not liking her and I think she likes Geun Woo's hyung. As for Song Jung Geun, he is mesmerized by the ahjumma diver that even amidst the conference happening he sees her mirage. At the end of the episode is another insensitive move by Geun Woo towards Jung Joo. He promised a great dinner with her but as soon as Ji Won arrived, he forgot about Jung Joo.

Until when will he keeps looking toward other woman?

Some GIF and more thoughts...

The morning after they slept inside one roof. He got up late and saw her already doing chores, acting the boss. The cute part, he lets her boss him around or let her get away with being rude to him in her own way.

He is back into good mood. He cooks for them.  But here is where the conflict lies. He wants to continue with his menu and she wants to get profit by serving noodles only to customers. 

Who is the real boss, by the way? :)

She is so frugal that she do all the works even if it is hard.

And here comes the Mayor who is always there for his constituents or town people, ready to give a hand.

I find their encounters adorable. I don't know, maybe his manly appeal is great with her beautiful face. I love how they can be funny in situations whenever they are together.

Well after she came back to the restaurant, it looks like they are both in a good mood. 


But one call from Ji Won and he is running again towards her, leaving everything behind, even Jung Joo. 

or not! she got a ride to the resort also...

I really think Ji Won is interested to Jung Geun, but he sees her only as one of his friends due to family association. He treats her as his employee and reminded her how to address him properly.

This is the funny part. Jung Geun seeing the ahjumma diver in the midst of the meeting. Kim Hae Sil has gotten his attention, unknowingly to her.

Oh, and the background music was the ost of Secret Garden, Appear! I really laughed at this scene.

edit: I really love  the sense of humor of the writers. 

So when Geun Woo came back from supposed to be meeting Ji Won, he saw how Jung Joo is trying to put signage that he thought is not really the style of his restaurant. They argue, leading to another petty fight.

She continue to work hard.

More encounters with the Mayor...

Between them, he is more conscious of being paired with her. This is hilarious, chincha!

Yup, this girl is rude! And I hope Geun Woo realized how fake she is...
Ji Won was the one who dropped the juice but she escaped leaving Jung Joo cleaning the mess which her former colleagues in the company witnessed. They thought she worked there in the hotel and looks pathetic.

Well, Geun Woo saw how they treated her inside the hotel that he created an opportunity to make Jung Joo look good in front of her former co workers by telling them she owned the restaurant where he is the chef. Of course they knew him and thought Jung Joo is lucky.

The Mayor dropped by to give Jung Joo more abalone but he saw the people working at the company he modeled for when he was young. he was so afraid of being caught but of course, he looks familiar that when he raised his arm in a certain way like the poster in the company, they realized who he is.

he asked to keep it a secret...

which looks like he and Jung Joo had something going on...fishy...fishy but not enough to make Geun Woo jealous, yet.

How excited can one get when a guy asked you to a dinner and wine? Particularly Geun Woo who she feels something more than what she should... or perhaps she has not yet admitted to herself what she truly feels.

only to be disappointed again...and again... with his first love!

getting interesting...


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