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Monday, May 25, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF - Producer Episode 4 Review - Being Naive and Unsuspecting Can be Charming If He Is Baek Seung Chan!

Episode 4 proves that this drama has much, much more to offer as the story develops. I just read that Producer's ratings are climbing up and I am not surprised considering it keeps on entertaining viewers with each episode. 

As for me, although this has a power cast, still, Kim Soo Hyun playing the role of Baek Seung Chan is really the reason why I am loving the drama. Naive, unsuspecting, or being gullible can be tiring but Baek Seung Chan is oozing with charm even if he is described as such. It's refreshing to see a character that looks at the world just as it is and if there is misunderstanding at how he interpret a certain situation, he is not annoying or irritating but rather fun to watch. He is like a kid, discovering the world particularly the entertainment world with his pure eyes. Somehow even though learning things the hard way, he is the kind that will not be corrupted because his ignorance and innocence shield him from reality bites.

He is so cute, full of aegyo in this episode. The way he receives compliments from others make him happy like a child. He is what he is, no pretensions, clear...real.

Yes, being naive and unsuspecting can be charming if he is Baek Seung Chan!

Some more thoughts and highlights of the episode....

Getting drunk with his sunbaes, Seung Chan found his way to PD Ye Jin to deliver the hotteuk he was asked to buy earlier but because he went to see Cindy, and got into drinking spree, he was late. But not surprisingly, he is one to do his task even if the world comes to an end. He is the type. Ye Jin was startled to see him and when he collapses against her.

Soon after, her housemate, PD Joon Mo arrived, also drunk. Not really happy to see another guy inside his house and over protective of his long time friend Ye Jin. Aw, never even felt a little bit of jealousy there. He is such a clueless namja no wonder Ye Jin is trying to hide her feelings inside. Because even if she wears it outside, he would not be able to distinguish the line between love and romance from friendship.

Next morning the two were trying their best to prove their platonic relationship to this suspicious rookie. It took a while to make him see sense why they have to share the house. And if that is not enough to convince him.... she taught him about economy that is failing. To add, Joon Mo told him how he does not see Ye Jin a s a woman...but only CHINGU!

Okay, enough of stabbing her heart, unknowingly, jebal!

If this is not enough to make me laugh seeing him in this state, I don't know where will my sense humor take me, or if I really do have one.

The episode is about casting for the filming of 1Night 2Days....
lol at JYP recommending himself instead of Suzy.

Then Cindy who wanted to show another side of her through variety program, although she has hidden agenda, [fake personality to turn around the antis] she told, not even begged her CEO to let her do it.

Wow, Ye Jin is really something. To keep on paying in installments and always scaring Seung Chan using her seniority to get her way. But she also finds out that he likes Hye Joo, which made her laugh behind his back.

But in doing so, realizing that what she had concluded for Seung Chan and his one sided love is also her reality, her own predicament.

Negotiations...never ending negotiations.... who will be the last man standing? 

I am really surprised about how the works are done behind the scenes. How a simple guesting can be taxing to all people involved and then viewers will only see them for a short time. The time these PD's and agencies spend in trying to meet halfway is seriously hard work.

Beak Seung Chan and his charisma...

Look how happy he is receiving compliments..then checking for himself...

if he is really cute and handsome as they say! lol

yeah, yeah, you are!

Cindy making her moves... somehow she has read Seung Chan as an easy person. Yup, too trusting and she can use him to her advantage. She is the other version of Ye Jin, a certified FOX. Cynical.

With Joon Mo on the phone with his mother trying to fix a blindate for him, Ye Jin only stayed to hear it then turned away to protect her heart. But Seung Chan has somehow realized her true feelings for PD Joon Mo.

If only he can be more perceptive, although he is caring as a friend.

But Ye jin is fool to treasure these little actions from Joon Mo. Sometimes, a woman can only settle for what a man can give her.

Filming for 1Night 2Days started. 

She is prepared. Well she is Cindy and everything hereon is a role for her. Or will her agenda not backfired on her?

Lots of cameo here... YG artist... are the flavor of the episode.
and some...:))

Cindy and Seung Chan

Will love find her?

Or will she be just like PD Ye Jin?
...on a one sided pitiful LOVE?

Guess she won't be able to maintain her cute and good image for a long time. Somehow, fatigue will bring back her true self. A bit of a brat.

Seung Chan can be innocently doing this as a part of his work but Cindy can really misinterpret this action.

Like I said, will everything backfire on her? Will she find LOVE? 

mianhae for lots of gif...

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