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Sunday, May 24, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF - Falling For Innocence Episode 15 Highlights


From last week, the true witness to the crime of Dong Wook's death tried to bargain with Joon Hee but until his wife died he did not get what he asked of him. Instead he was mocked by Joon Hee which led him to go to Min Ho and gave him the memory card containing the recording of the accident from the black box of his car.

Last week, Joon Hee made all the efforts to corner Hermia and Min Ho, with the help of people he knew while working with Hermia. The new products that were released were turned back because there was issue about patent. Investors and affiliated stores that would  sell the products now turned their backs on Min Ho. Soon the company will have to declare bankruptcy unless there will be miracle that they can pay the bonds that will be due in only a few days.

To stop Min Ho from exposing his crime, Joon Hee hired his gangster to hit Min Ho and get the memory card.

Soon Jung is witness to what happened to Min Ho. It was not an accident. The man got what he was ordered to get.

I do find Joon Hee detestable and seeing him smirking onscreen makes my blood boil in anger. He is so good at making me mad just by looking at his face. His greed and his revenge towards Min Ho are what drives him to be evil. I am really looking forward to his fall. Jebal writernim, create a justifiable situation where he will pay for his crimes dearly.

So Min Ho, luckily only got maybe concussion. He was okay, or so he thought. At first, he played a prank on Soon Jung by  not recognizing her but soon his joke was found out. His PA, Woo Sik bounced back with a cheesy joke.

Well, there is something good that happened after he was hit in the head. Soon Jung finally admitted her feelings although indirectly. But the incident was too much for her that she cried, thankful that he is alive.

Finally hearts find one another....

At the interrogation room, both faced off but Joon Hee would not be caught. He put all blame on Young Bae. He is not admitting to any accusations. 

And because he has colleagues all over the prosecutors department, he was released form being detained. He looks smug getting out. Even mocking Ok Hyun. Seriously, how and why she could not get this annoying Joon Hee?

Some more loving scenes from the couple. But there was an effect from the incident. The doctors found out about his body rejecting the heart. It was still in the early stage. Now I don't want to get a sad ending so I will be optimistic that the writer just want a mellow love story in the end.

In your face! This is fun! The elevator opening and seeing Sung Joon, the woman he wants badly in the arms of the man he considered his rival. Joon Hee must be feeling bad seeing the sweetness from these two.

Joon Hee keeps on using his power to block the reopening of the case concerning Dong Wook. Young Bae was charged with petty crime like illegal gambling so that he will be transferred to another station. There was chaos at the police station. And I do feel what Ok Hyun must be feeling that time.


Min Ho dreamed of the crime again and this time he saw that the watch was ripped from the suspect's wrist, dropping the watch on the ground. there should be bloodstains on the watch to prove that Joon Hee who owned the same watch is the one who killed his friend.

Min Ho will of course do the treatments. He wants to stay alive. He has reasons now to live.

Ok Hyun tried to get the watch on Joon Hee's apartment but failed.

Inserting some fun scenes with these two... guess they too are one of the OTP :))

Treatment has started for Min Ho. 

The couple went  out for a trip..spending the day together. There is sadness looming in front of them. Soon Jung is not aware of Min Ho's body rejecting the heart inside him. The company will be bankrupt the next day.

They spend the day  as if there are no worries.

What will tomorrow bring them? How will Min Ho win against Joon Hee? He can not fight with all his strength now that he needs treatment. This is really wrong timing. Just when Joon Hee made trouble and the company is in the last thread of hope, he is sick. This kind of fate is really bad.   

Looking for the final episode and the conclusion of the drama.


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