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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF - Falling for Innocence Episode 16 Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Villains will always have to pay the price for their sins and I hope that it will equal the amount of the crime they have done. In this case, Lee Joon Hee got me all worked up hating him from the time he killed his friend, intentionally [can be argued insanity at the time] but he did it knowing he had to do it to protect himself. Waiting for him to be caught on his deceit took until the last episode and even then, he almost got away with it. I thought there will be satisfaction, well at least for me, seeing him finally exposed but that was all. The anticipation of wanting to see him humiliated more and then feel a little bit of remorse was not what I got and it kind of lessen the impact of the revelation. Yes, he was exposed in the open with media around but it could have been played much more, maybe with Soon Jung around to see him at that moment and to break him down, and finally seeing remorse overwhelmed him. He never really sincerely apologized for what he had done. Until the end I think and feel that he thinks it is the only way for him to go on and that is fate, for him and for Dong Wook. There were tears, silent tears but not enough to make him weak with regret for what he did.

For the romance, I of course knew that there will be a happy ending for Soon Jung and Min Ho but the final scenes where he collapses and then time jump after, I thought it was not explained properly how he recovered. But maybe it was not necessary to do so and what matters is that he is alive and well and Soon Jung is waiting for his return.

I like how Soon Jung showed her emotions regarding Dong Wook and how she felt helpless knowing he was killed in very cold blooded way by someone he grew up with and treated more than a friend. Her cries explained all what she could not speak of or tell. It was a very intense and emotional scene where acceptance, grief and moving forward all mix together as she cried a river. She had given a part of herself to Dong Wook and until the very end she gave him more. That's why accepting or acknowledging her love for Min Ho feels like a new beginning without a doubt or there's no feeling of guilt.

gif and some  more thoughts...


The company has nowhere to go but down ...

Min Ho prepared well mentally. He advises his Directors to go on and leave him when the time comes. He has come up with a good plan to at least salvage what he can for the company. The well being of the employees are what he wanted to protect at least.

He left the seat to face his crime or what his share of the crime for making the company that way. But Soon Jung is there for him. hat he did not tell her is his current health situation.

Yeah, we have 2 OTP in the drama. And I find these two cute like cat and mouse, but nevertheless entertaining.

Treatment began. Min Ho is staying positive because he wants to live. He has more reasons now to live and that is what he told his doctor. He will endure every pain because he wants to live.

The big reveal. Soon Jung is the last to know about Joon Hee and what he did to Dong Wook. If it were me, I would have revealed this sooner to see more hate in her eyes towards the man who is screwing the company and the man she currently loves. But no, she has to find about it at last minutes of the story. It's difficult contemplating all of them at once because even though she and Joon Hee are not good friends now, she still cares for him. But finding out now his crime, the betrayal is too painful.

I think this is what I like in the story,. How both Min Ho and Dong Wook's father find one another. Min Ho found a father figure and the ahjussi found someone he can treat like a son.

The Romance....

How to get the only evidence that will prove Joon Hee's crime

heart pounding scene I thought she would be caught...

The revelation just in time...

How to get negotiate and who to pass all the blame...

I think Min Ho has got Gold Partners in a corner. It was wrong to put all the blame on Joon Hee but I think he deserves it because half of it, he really personally put himself into and acted on. It is his greed that made him fall like this. And of course Gold Partners will take what they can to get away and do damage control. Paying the company is more beneficial than being investigated further.

I wish for a slap. lol! I think being compose like Soon Jung in the presence of the one who killed my fiance will not be my style. And as I stated before, Joon Hee is lacking in showing his remorse.

The scene where the writer wants me to waver if there will be a happy ending.

But I have seen enough k-dramas and time jump in some stories to know that whatever is missing in between, there will be a happy ending, for sure.

Yes, he looks great and handsome in this scene. :))

Lucky Soon Jung!

From bad image to getting back on the right track, Min Ho had done it and the story showed it was because of Soon Jung. Falling in love with the right woman can really make a difference.

I can't say this is a great drama, but it is good. I love the fun side of the drama because Jung Kyung Ho has it him to entertain viewers with his natural and cute comedic timing. They do have a great chemistry and falling in love in the drama feels romantic.

this is me writing my final thoughts...


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