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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF - Missing Noir M Episodes 8 and 9 Highlights

I did not write my thoughts last week on episode 8 because the episode somehow confused me with 2 entangled stories about missing women and fraud and a dead man whose body was dismembered. 

Short Recap and some thoughts:

Two cases, one was a missing daughter who was recently reunited with her mother. The other was a missing deaf and mute woman who was living with a man. The dead man's body part was found, one hand, and believed to be the man the mute woman was living with. But people in the neighborhood knew that although the woman calls him father, they were not related at all. She was thought of as a good woman and supporting the old man.

The truth behind the missing persons and the death of the man.

Jung Sung Mi and Jang Mi Yeon is one and the same person. Jung Sung Mi pretended to be the long lost daughter of the woman who owned 10 Billoin Won and a part of a schemed plan to get the money.

Park Kwang Cheol orchestrated the whole thing. He met Jang Mi Yeon who was then had a different face and pretending to be mute. He killed the old man she was living with and took her to start the plan. She undergo surgery to have a different face and add some distinctive features belonging to the lost child the other ahjumma was looking for. Actually this is her third time having a different face.

The story showed that the woman, Sung Mi was having a change of heart. The plan to kill her "mother" did not take place because she instead had gone missing that day, D-Day. The day the dismembered body part was also found.

The truth is that the ahjumma knew she was not her daughter because the DNA test that proved they are mother and daughter was a surprise to her. She could never have children and the child she lost was a baby that she found in front of her house and treated like her own. But because Sung Mi's presence in her life gave her happiness and it seemed that she was also happy being with her despite fooling her, she accepted her.

Park Kwang Cheol found out where she was hiding and assaulted her. When GSH and ODY arrived it looked like Kwang Cheol would stab her and that was when GSH pulled the trigger. Kwang Cheol was shot in the head.

Was there a miscalculations or was justice served?

It was all planned to get Park Kwang Cheol out of the way, so that in the end she will have the money from the ahjumma she calls mother who already trusted her and accepts her for who she is. In the end, she remains the calculating woman, who is very good in acting to hide her true intention. But GSH was quick to see through her. 


Episodes 8 and 9 - It’s hard to make judgments and then finding later that you miscalculated the whole thing. It can backfire and nothing you can do about it when it is too late to reverse the judgment.
This is the dilemma Kim Kang Woo’s character as Gil Soo Hyun found himself in. He has always been seeking justice and hoping it is served but who could tell if your judgment is right or wrong? It’s hard when lives are at stake. A mistake, a miscalculation could lead to death. 
I love the conclusion of this episode. Both had done misjudgment. Jung Sung Mi and Gil Soo Hyun. 
In the end, GSH was left pondering, while the fraud woman’s plan all backfired to her as she was caught on her lies and deception.

Detective Oh who still felt guilty of the previous case when "mom" died decided to help GSH now when the case of PKC's death was being investigated. I think it was to somehow pay for the guilt he still has but at the same time, Oh knew that Soo Hyun's recklessness and pursuit of justice is rebounding on him. 



GSH feeling the heavy burden of finding justice....

Sung Mi who acted the plan with gangsters that were also hired to pretend she was being attacked so that her story would be believable.

Mother and daughter 

How they met.

On starting on the dismembered case...

Park Kwang Cheol, the man who planned the scheme and who killed the old man

The supposed to be deaf and mute Jang Yeong Mi

Soo Hyun and Oh crossed path as they tried to find the answers to their case...


Jung Sung Mi

is she really innocent?

Park Kwang Cheol

Starting the plan..


Sung Mi's plan

Soo Hyun fell for her plan and shot Kwang Cheol.

But she was caught.

And her schemes backfired on her when the money was donated to the society.

How can one judge a situation and be right about it? 

The drama is getting more intense. Soon Gil Soo Hyun will have to face his demons. He is slowly falling into depression and pondering on his actions and beliefs.

Will he find the answers he is seeking for in a long time now?



  1. Hi i hope you will read and reply.

    There are certain things bothering me.

    The grandma has already told to the audience what her daugther wearing and so forth what the need to stole the tape?

    The relevency of phone booth is no tracking if people notice their hp or grandma want to check her cell phone.

    1. hi, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. actually, I'm trying to remember the drama since it ended in a while and with so many dramas succeeding I have a hard time remembering. i'm not sure though if I remember correctly but the cloth was not the exact dress of the girl missing and the tape of the show proved that the grandmother already knew then, that moment that the woman in front of her was not her granddaughter but since she was overwhelmed with the idea that someone was there to be her granddaughter, the lonely grandmother was ready to accept the woman even if she was a complete stranger.

      I could not remember about the phone booth you were asking and since I already deleted the drama series on my laptop, I can't immediately check the scene.

      anyway, will try to look into it and hope t answer your question. actually, watching this kind of series is hard because I can't miss a single scene and really have to focus on watching while my mind tried to keep up with the twist and turns of the plot. It's mind boggling which gives me headaches...lol.. but seriously, it was a very good series and so far the most complex series I watched and wrote reviews.