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Saturday, May 30, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF - Warm and Cozy Episode 5 Reality Bites

Episode 5 brings out the sad feelings out of the many crazy moments.

Reality Bites!

Yes, sometimes it sucks when expectations are met with disappointments. From the first scenes leading to the last scene of this episode, Lee Jung Joo  was treated unfairly with reality. That's how it is for Geun Woo, always taking her for granted when Ji Won appears. And it hurts [a bit] to know she [Jung Joo] will never be his priority even if they have become good friends.

Just like this special dinner he was supposed to share with her. Out of the blue, Ji Won, [the scheming and foxy annoying push and pull teaser...ughh!] arrived and all of Geun Woo's attention shifted towards her, forgetting Jung Joo.


What to do when she has become the third wheel in this scenario? Got to save her face and leave with dignity, sarcastic but it seemed Geun Woo was not even aware of what he had done.

It was bad enough that she never get to taste the special dinner when she was asked to leave the table, [humiliation leveling up] Geun Woo adding more salt to her wounded pride by asking her to leave the place for the time being in case Ji Won would find out she lives there. I know the set up is temporary only but again, men are always clueless or thinks only for themselves.  I think it is rude to ask her to leave when he can explain the situation to Ji Won if ever she wants one.

What can Jung Joo do but to give in to his favor even if she feels it was unfair towards her. 

It's not a surprise if I find the Mayor likeable. I think he is not really interested in Jung Joo, not in a romantic way but I am not sure where the writers will take this amazing chemistry between these two. Yeah, even if she tells him about her disappointments, he sounded like he is just interested in what's happening to her.

Good thing he is ready to lend her his time. To listen to her and just let her express her feelings.

Maybe Geun Woo has not realized yet Jung Joo's worth to him because his heart has been waiting for Ji Won. But it's surprising that after Jung Joo left them alone, his mind wanders which Ji Won noticed. 

It was like the party got spoiled after. He also called for a driver to take Ji Won back to the resort despite her wanting to stay longer. She was not dense and somehow she felt that it was all because of Jung Joo. I really wondered about Ji Won's actions towards Geun Woo. She never likes him that much in the first place but she can not let him go either. Such a selfish woman.

The night is getting deeper. Geun Woo searched for Jung Joo and found her drinking with the Mayor. Guess he became jealous because he is male, typical male who always want to protect what he thinks is his. And Jung Joo is his friend. Usually men does not like competition even if he is not interested. Getting territorial so to speak.

So here he is, acting like a child. Even throwing a big stone in the water attracting the attention of the ahjummas and the two who were drinking together.

Well, before he night was over, they reconciled their feelings. She tried to explain about the Mayor.
He concocted a hot drink for her because he heard her sneezing. That gesture was so sweet, Jung Joo's anger melted.

I am anticipating Geun Woo's realization of his feelings towards Jung Joo. Looking at him feeling satisfied by her accepting his good side [drinking the lemonade he made] his smiles warmed his heart.

The hardest part of having a one sided feelings is to witness how that person is being foolish over Ji Won. 

Jung Joo knew she met Ji Won and first impression is  bad. But what can she do but endure seeing Geun Woo acts crazy in love.

Ji Won's style, to always pull Geun Woo whenever she thinks his attention is wandering or wavering towards another woman. Can't help but feel a little bit of competition but she knows how to pull him back to her, just to show her hold on him.

Again, Jung Joo was left by herself. She thought she would go back and help him more buy the things they need at the restaurant but there he was, already making arrangements with Ji Won who out of the blue appeared. 

That evening, when Ji Won's co workers asked clarification on her relationship with Geun Woo, she made it clear that they are only friends and nothing more. It was unexpected. Not after the way they spent the afternoon together and how she led him to believe their relationship is finally going somewhere, positively.

But now, Ji Won is hammering a nail in his heart once more. Not even discreetly but publicly putting his hopes down in front of these people. It was a sight and a situation where someone like Jung Joo could only tolerate for a while. She knew how to be in Geun Woo's position. It's hurtful to see Geun Woo being treated that way by Ji Won.

Of course, Geun Woo though hurt will side with Ji Won.

I think this is why I like this drama. It's not Jung Joo's business whether Ji Won treated Geun Woo however she likes but here  she is, trying to talk to Ji Won and let her know that she should not humiliate Geun Woo that way. Jung Joo is feisty here. Well, what more can she lose when she already lose to this unbelievable selfish woman.

But of course, Jung Joo's efforts in butting in and saying harsh words to Ji Won was not appreciated by Geun Woo. I think this is why viewers like me feel the heroine's raw emotions and can not help but pity her, because of this kind of scenarios. Yeah, Jung Joo could have kept her mouth shut and not care but that's not how it is most often in reality. Not when your friend who you like is being dumped publicly by the woman he has been worshiping for the longest time. And not without reason, too, but because she has been dangling him at her own convenience.

This is reality. And it sucks!

Just as I wrote above...reality bites!

To be faced with this kind of conviction from Geun Woo. To hear him say Ji Won will always be the one for him. Ouch! It hurts.

Then using her for his own purpose. I think I want to hit Geun Woo in the head. Perhaps it will give him a jolt, awaken him from his foolish dreams concerning Ji Won. Seeing how he would kiss her in the last seconds of the episode is not giving me any giddy feelings but it only made me angry. 

This is the start of many more tough awakenings for Jung Joo about her one sided feelings over Geun Woo. And I know I will be with her every step of the way through ups and downs.

The other couple that has a positive vibe and giving me laughs and romantic feels so far are these two. The ahjumma diver and Geun Woo's hyung. At least this one though trying to evade his feelings, is acknowledging it somehow. And when he could not bear it any longer, he follow what his heart wants to do. Even if he was misunderstood by this ahjumma diver, he does not care. 

His cute tantrum is letting the ahjumma diver take responsibility of him and his feelings. maybe he is still in denial stage but he is not being a coward about it. And I think I will enjoy their romance as well with more laughs on the side.


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