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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Episode 12 Six Flying Dragons Highlights

Mind games begin. 

It's like playing chess or baduk. It's anyone's move but this time Lee In Gyeom did not anticipate the shadow's interception on his plans. Whoever it was had caught him off guard. The forged letter he ordered to be planted in Bang Won's room to further implicate him in the plot twist he created was now turned around by a shocking revelation of him killing Baek Yoon which was absurd and no one in his right mind would ever believe.

Who was the shadow?

Sambong Jung Do Jeon

The strategist.

A dare to make Lee In Gyeom take his move. Sambong knew that replacing the forged letter with Ddangsae's confession letter that was left in the cave a long time ago would create conflicting votes inside the assembly and even Lee In Gyeom's followers would not take this confession as a truth concerning Bang Won, son of Lee Seung Gye. This time they would know, Lee In Gyeom had been out maneuvered, especially by Hong In Bang and Pong Eun. This was not Lee In Yeom's move but clearly Sambong's.

With Lee Seung Gye's victory against Hobaldo, people on the streets were talking about it and rejoicing.

The plot about hidden deal behind the Border Stabilization Plan had been crushed by this absurd confession planted on Bang Won's room. The ministers inside the hall had immediately put in their words, almost synonymously saying the content was not true, following that they should not have ignited Lee Seung Gye's anger.

The plot twist, anonymous letters like the one supposed to be an evidence should be destroyed and thus find the one who wrote it.

Well, they would have to realized first it was Ddang Sae aka Magnanimous Venom.

Bang Won being interrogated for a crime he did not commit but his being trapped in there meant that sooner or later, when all his energy drained, somehow Lee in Gyeom hoped for his forced confession.

After all, his family has not yet contacted him or seen him. He was not aware of what's happening outside. He was not informed of the victory against Hobaldo and the plan to save him.

Doubt crowded his mind about Sambong...

Gil Tae Mi also doubted Lee Seung Gye killed Baek Yoon. The idea seemed ridiculous for him.

A new face.
Someone Lee In Gyeom hoped would be the one to make Bang Won confess.
Someone who has a reputation of being upright and stubborn.
Will this man be Lee In Gyeom's savior to his scheme against Lee Seung Gye and to stop Hong In Bang and Gil Tae Mi plotting together aganist him?

The new investigator.

Monk Jukryong trying to piece together what's happening.
Someone put a letter in Bang Won's room and seemed to be forged.
He of course is working for Hong In Bang and any information he gathered would be essential and would help Hong In Bang.

Somehow, he chose Hong In Bang when Hwasadan was the one feeding information on Lee In Gyeom.

The fabricated letter...the man who forged it, they have to secure him before Bang Won could be forced to confessed anything.

And so the pursuit to catch the man, Yak San. But he thought he was in grave danger. The appearance of the Hwasadan spy who was with him the night he gave the letter was a relief or so he thought.

He was going away, hiding until everything settled but then it was not what he thought the spy was letting him do. He realized he was in more danger because she was out there to kill him, to silence him.

The interrogation stopped for awhile. Bang Won was told a lie about his father being defeated in a fight and that he passed away. A story that was supposed to make Bang Won lose hope and give in.

What Lee In Gyeom never anticipated, Bang Won was much more intelligent than he thought he was. He never believed the story at all. He knew he was being duped into making a confession if he believed the lies and that he was now alone. But Bang Won was stronger than that. 

Again, he made himself endure this time. A strong conviction to fight within himself to make him different from Hong In Bang.

Surprisingly, Yak San was secured and brought to State Tribunal. He will await his turn for investigation. 

Another twist that Lee In Gyeom did not anticipate. It seemed his plans were not working and always backfiring.

Interrogation started.

Gil Tae Mi was curious about the letter. Something was off and he wanted to see for himself.

Sambong went to see Ddang Sae. Gab Boon was there to talk with him.
Ddang Sae was not interested in anything Sambong has to offer. He was so skeptical that he never wanted to believe anything would change.

Bang Won and his moments of despair. 

This made me confused for he acted as though he believed his father passed away. But then, it was his conviction in believing the opposite even if there was no evidence, that's why in his troubled mind the lie about his father's death would also make him half believe and asked to be let out.

Gil Tae Mi was anxious of what will be the turn out of the interrogation on Yak San.

Yak San found a way to escape. Awaiting on top of the roof was the interrogator, who pulled his arrow towards him. He was hurt but able to go over the brick wall where he find himself facing people either to kill him or save him.

Gil Tae Mi and Monk Jukryong in a match.

Lee In Gyeom was so bothered by the shadow. His moves were getting thwarted. And it pissed him off.

More interrogation on Bang Won.

Lee Seung Gye and Lee In Gyeom face off.


One can never measure how far a parent will go for his son. Even if he went through danger of facing Lee In Gyeom in his home base with armed guards surrounding them. But Lee Seung Gye was tough. He would not leave the place without winning against Lee In Gyeom. His arrow should be faster than the swords threatening him because he was not afraid of those swords when his aim was towards Lee In Gyeom alone.

I think Lee In Gyeom knew when to back down. Basically, he still wanted to live and Lee Seung Gye was not kidding when he said those threat against him holding his bow and arrow.

Finally, Lee Bang Won was released.

Gil Tae Mi was looking for the story teller who he fought with at the Biguk temple. He had this inkling that he was the magnanimous venom. But this one who faced him with his masked on does not have the same piercing eyes he remembered well.

Yak San appeared and confessed!
Lee In Gyeom's schemes were over, for now.

Boon Yi seeing Bang Won

The man who interrogated him was actually Sambong's follower.
History tells that this man would always be faithful follower of Sambong.

Sambong and Lee Bang Won

History tells that these two would stand separately. Sambong would go all the way with his father while Bang Won would have a rift with his father.

But for now, Bang Won would be the student who Sambong would try to discipline with his impulsiveness but at the same time, Sambong knew that Bang Won's principles though stronger and stubborn in his beliefs have great possibilities.

Whatever happened to history, I think as for this drama, more interesting events will follow that will keep me engrossed and captivated.

It would be amazing to watch the progress of the story through Sambong and Bang Won's [perhaps and possibly] different ideas and how Joseon would start as the new country that promised hope and difference to the people.


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