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Thursday, December 17, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Episode 13 Six Flying Dragons - Bang Won and Boon Yi

A story of love that could never be...

Although Boon Yi is a fictional character only, still it adds spice to the romantic side of the drama Six Flying Dragons. Boon Yi was or could be someone whom Bang Won had really met at the time, a faceless woman who could have left a memorable impression on someone like him who came from a noble class. The fictional character may not exist or did not exist in reality, still, Boon Yi represented the woman who could have been Bang Won's real true love during that time before he met his wife, and the future queen.

For this post, I decided to put a separate blog for Boon Yi and Bang Won's scenes in episode 13 where Bang Won confessed his feelings to her. It was also the episode where Boon Yi used her head over her heart, hurting Bang Won's feelings by rejecting him, already anticipating what would happen if she allowed herself to express her feelings and reciprocate his.

Because society would never allow them to be together. Unless she wanted to be a mistress which I think she would never let herself be even if she was a commoner belonging to low class.

After Bang Won was released from being interrogated...
Boon Yi met him showing her concern towards his safety and well being.

Cute scene while Bang Won was being treated.
Boon Yi was the one scolding the doctor for the way he treats Bang Won's wounds without care.

Even if their love story is fictional, I still want them to be together in times Bang Won needed strength. I think the chemistry between Boon Yi and Bang Won is so beautiful. It was not the kind of romance that sweep the viewers off their feet. It was the kind that give smiles while taking a break from the political aspect of the drama.

Boon Yi and Bang Won's story was simple, fresh, light and flutters the heart of the hopefuls and hopeless romantics of the series.

The way he showed her his affection certainly made me smile. Indeed, Bang Won was smitten by this girl.

And the way he declared she was his...

Should have flattered Boon Yi.
Of course she must have been.

I really hoped for this moment...

But painful flashbacks from the past brought back Boon Yi's sanity from the craziness of the situation.
How could she be happy?
When painful memories lingered in her mind, reminding her of his brother's ill fate with Yeon Hee.

If only love is as simple as this moment..
maybe Boon Yi would let herself succumbed to this beautiful moment.

The rejection was unexpected.

Yes, she had not yet moved on from the past. There's too much cruelty on their world for her to think something beautiful like Bang Won's affection for her could last.

I feel sorry for Bang Won. He was the kind of character that never waits. He always seize the moment. But only to be rejected with reasons not necessarily in connection with what they feel for each other.

Boon Yi knew where her place was. She knew they could never be anything because society dictates through their class distinction and that was a painful fact.

Bang Won is a noble man while she is a poor commoner.
Well even in this modern day, this problem still exist.... so I guess nothing has changed.

Boon Yi continued to serve Bang Won his needs. She took care of him. But it only made him a bit pissed off because of her stubborn heart.

bang Won wanted more than this kind of relationship with her and she was not giving in.

Still, Bang Won could not resist going after her. 

I love the way he told her he wanted her to be his beloved.
Someone he wishes to treasure.
But it only pains Boon Yi to hear him say it.

Because she could not give him the answer he wanted to hear...
even if she must have wanted to say it, too.


I think my heart broke in this episode. Well, my shipping heart because I see them as the OTP. Never mind the true historical events where Bang Won would have his real wife.

Because at this moment, at this part of the drama, Boon Yi was the one Bang Won loved.

Will there be more Boon Yi and Bang Won scenes like these?

This might be a sad romance still, it was a good, beautiful yet short glimpsed of Bang Won and Boon Yi's love story.


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