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Friday, December 18, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Episode 13 Six Flying Dragons Highlights

Short recap

Gil Tae Mi went to find the storyteller he was once had a fight with at Biguk temple. He wanted to confirm something because I think he had a feeling that the story teller was the one who killed Baek Yoon and most likely the famous venomous magpie

But then the one who faced him with his masked on was not the one he was looking for. He could tell by the way he stared deeply into those eyes that the one who stood in front of him was not the one he had fought with.

By that time, Ddang Sae was overlooking at them both, hiding in one of the rooms upstairs, holding on to his sword tightly, ready to make a move anytime if Gil Tae Mi pushes through with his search.

Gil Tae Mi decided it was not his lucky day to meet right storyteller and walked away in his annoyingly but certainly charismatic fashion. He saw Monk Jukryong and asked him to look for the storyteller but not to kill him. He wanted to see him alive.

Bang Won met with Sambong after his release at the interrogation room. He was battered and weak but he endured. He recognized with respect Sambong as a teacher and asked him to accept him as his student. Sambong knew by now the impulsiveness and recklessness inside Bang Won's mind. He remembered the boy who talked with too much conviction during the time he was captured by his colleagues to prevent him from appearing at the place where the Yuan envoys will be welcomed. 

He remembered then that as young as Bang Won was at that time, he already made him promised that whatever he would do that time would be the start of change which Bang Won desperately wanted to see. Because Bang Won was so against evil acts that made society suffer.

Until now Bang Won's mission and vision for this country was to destroy all the powerful people that's causing corruption and poverty to the people.

I think Sambong saw in Bang Won the determination he wanted for himself but it should be controlled, thus he would teach him how to follow order for their plans and vision to succeed. After all  Bang Won was a willing student.

Again, Lee In Gyeom was cunning enough to make  Hong In Bang felt inadequate even if he lost against Bang Won and Lee Seung Gye. He insinuated to Hong In Bang that the victory in the recent ploy and schemes went to the one who worked and planned behind the scenes whom he called the shadow.

Lee In Gyeom was somehow belittling the power and ability of Hong In Bang who went against him and joined forces with Lee Seung Gye to pass the Border Stabilization Plan by insisting that Hong In Bang was just like a piece in a chess game board that was used for the success for the plan.

Well, Lee In Gyeom had this ability to make a person he thinks below him to feel less of his true worth. Not that I mind him telling it to Hong In Bang's face though. I think as a true schemer and best at that, Lee In Gyeom's snide remark at Hong In Bang made the latter looked foolish.


Choi Young who had been an ally of Lee In Gyeom was asking why he pursued a war against Lee Seung Gye, thus letting himself lose in a humiliating way.

Now that everything had settled, the next step was to proceed with working with Hong In Bang until the desired result comes.
But Sambong did not anticipate that what happened to Bang Won would make the general rethink of his plans and association with Hong In Bang in the future. The general now wanted nothing to do with Hong In Bang, who was arrogant to make a little threat against him. Lee Seung Gye was determined not to work with Hong In Bang and Sambong needed to respect that and change his plans.

The time to accept his punishment in front of his father came. Bang Won admitted to his faults that led his family to be messed with, with those despicable people he loathes. But ironically and heart warming, Lee Seung Gye acknowledged Bang Won's actions that was ignited on by his passion for change. He also knew how his son had been disappointed by him during that time Bang Won witnessed how he vowed his head on front of Lee In Gyeom. It was at that time Bang Won was hurt and Lee Seung Gye knew he was never seen again with the same eyes by his son. He became a weak father to his son's eyes.

Now he vowed to Bang Won that he would never be a weak man or lower his head in front of evil person. Lee Seung Gye wanted bang Won to know that he would do it because he wanted to regain the lost faith his son had of him.

The arrogant Hong In Bang

He would never let people mock him because he owns Goryeo. I think Hong In Bang's failure to hold up his principles made him realize how weak he was and that made him even more determined to show that the reason he chose to be evil was to fight his weakness and show his enemies that he would be victorious in the end.

Now he just needed another means of support to make him stay in power against Lee Seung Gye.

It  was funny how Moo Hyul's expectation was crushed when Bang Woo ordered him and the rest to start training everyday and learn from scratch.

Because Moo Hyul had already saved Bang Won not once but twice! And he was promised that he was already holding a special position by Bang Won. lol!

Hong In Bang's next target was to associate himself with the famous and powerful clan Haedongap. These people weren't interested in politics but they go with the flow of whoever was in power to save keep the smooth sailing of their everyday lives.

Headongap Clan

Min Da Kyung

The intelligent daughter of the head of the Haedongap clan. Her wisdom could not be set aside. She speaks well and see through a situation that's coming.

Monk Jukryong convinced Hong In Bang that Haedongap would support him.

The chase to capture Dadng Sae started. He felt them even before they made their move. While  getting away, Ddang Sae was shot by a poisonous needle that would paralyze him. He had no way of fighting them. Gab Boon decided to separate from him as he hides. She told him that Hwasadan was just near and that was the most convenient place for hiding until he regained his energy. Hwasadan was off limits to those men chasing him because they were monks from Biguk temple, and enemy to Hwasadan. These two have their own intel that they sell. Hwasadan was more loyal to Lee In Gyeom while Monk Jukryong was to Hong In Bang.

Face off

Ddang Sae learned Yeon Hee was a double spy.

It was not a life he would have wanted her to live. 
But then, she knew who he really was. That he was the famous venoumous magpie.

Just like she was.

What started as innocent lives became like this. 
The will to stand up after that horrific day in their lives resulted to this.
Both chose a path that put their lives more at risk.
At what cause?


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