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Monday, December 14, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF / Screen caps Oh My Venus Episode 5

Some cute scenes in the episode...

Well, the story has yet to really grow on me but since this is a So Ji Sub/Shin Min Ah romcom, I am definitely staying, at least for the cute chemistry with a bit of naughtiness on the side. I am wondering what would be the complications later and knowing that there would be [surely] I think that's when I will fully appreciate the story line. For now, the funny part of the story is what  makes it a "can't wait for next episode" for me.

Since she decided to stay with the boys...

ah..but a leg cramp suddenly occured that she had to call out for help. But wait, Mr. Coach-inim was making it hard for her to receive help unless she complimented him first.

the boys massaging her legs to catch the mouse :)

[read the trans why...]

Can't believe she was actually the beautiful woman on her phone wallpaper.

Her diet was making her crazy! She was imagining all the foods she should be eating. But even in her office, image of Young Ho followed her.

I think this was the favorite scene of the episode.

So much skinships!
Oopppssss, that lock on the waist though...

So hot!

Getting intimate for a coach and student relationship...

The unexpected kiss!
This is so cute and fun. Their lips locked as if there was magnet pulling them together, closer. 

I think by this time Young Ho was interested but not realizing it yet. Anyway, he was not pushing her away...

Hmmm... uncomfortable yet here was I, comfortably awaiting for his next move!

so... ahmm...how was it like? Kang Jo Eun-shi?
anyone would probably trade places with you...lol

another close contact...

hey, he said tap tap...means let him go already.

guess all thoughts gone haywire inside Jo Eun's mind with him on top of her.

Young Ho was away. Secretly, he did not inform her the real reason why he went away. She thought he was in America when in fact he was in a hospital taking test which had good results. The doctor pronounced him 99% cured already.

If he sometime feel pain, it was in his mind only. The trauma he got when he was young, when he endured all pains as he undergone surgeries again and again was what's making it painful from time to time.

Coming home...

She was startled by his voice at her back, causing her to fall out of balance with him catching her and falling with her.


who is this girl without added flesh on her face?

...he could not resist not touching the dimples that suddenly appeared.



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