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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Screen caps Glamorous Temptation Episode 17

Short recap

Il Joo had to tell Hyung Woo she had the music box all this time after Eun Soo asked her to give it back to him. Hyung Woo was confused why she had it and why she did not return it to him. It was not something he had given her. I think this action should make Hyung Woo really look into the character of Il Joo. She has this side that she carefully hides from him.

The documents were no longer in the drawer of the music box. If it was something to make Il Joo relieved or not but the end result, those documents were in her husbands hands and will be used to tame her, to make her stay with him.

Eun Soo and the Prime Minister were getting closer. She can talk to him now easily. Perhaps she felt that the old man was not doubting her anymore and that he trusted her.

Hyung Woo was asking Il Joo what he talked about with Eun Soo. He knew by now that Il Joo has the ability to make Eun Soo feel guilty or make her let go of him. There was an awkward dinner party arranged by Moo Hyuk. He invited Eun Soo along. The four of them sat together. Moo Hyuk took the chance to make Il Joo voiced out her approval of Eun Soo and Hyung Woo's relationship and that she would now focus her attention to her husband. It was a nice ploy by Moo Hyuk. He got Il Joo where he wanted her to be. Manipulating her to agree to his terms with the documents as a safeguard to ensure her cooperation.

The Prime Minister bumped into Eun Soo at the market. Together they ate street food snacks that he should not eat but he did anyway. They were comfortably talking. He even brought her home. The Minister was reminded of sad memories about Il Joo's mother he abandoned. It was painful to remember and he was crying with so much regret.

Hyung Woo did not give up on Eun Soo. He reconciled with her. He gave her the music box again. This time, he is ready to make a new start with her and her family outside Korea. He told her about the 5 tickets he bought. He planned on migrating with her and her family. He is willing to leave his mother in favor of her. He knows his mother is a strong woman and she can take care of herself. they plan. They talked with her family. 

Hyung Woo's mother. Young Ae told the Minister about his plans of leaving with Eun Soo. She asked the Minister not to let it happen. It was a surprise of course to the Prime Minister that Hyung Woo is finally settling down and going away. But then, there is something that he wanted to confirm. or maybe it was his own selfish way to make Eun Soo stay.

He made another bait for Hyung Woo that he would not be able to resist. His aide called Eun Soo using the cryptic voice telling about the documents in a public safe containing some important evidence of slush funds. It was a bait that is not easy to dismiss.

Hyung Woo promised Eun Soo he would not do anything. But he made some calls and he also went to the designated place to see for himself the documents. There were details of the Swiss account. The Prime Minister's aide was watching form afar.

Eun Soo and Mi Rae bid goodbyes to her mother and brother. They decided to stay behind. Eun Soo and Mirae waited at the airport for Hyung Woo.

Hyung Woo went to the Prosecutors office and was surprised to see the Prime Minister waiting inside. Did he really  decided to submit those documents at the prosecutors office? Was he caught now by Prime Minister?


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